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New Irons?

Hey guys! I'm new on here but iv been playing titleist since i was 10 (im 20) and have always loved the brand, my first set of irons was the...

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C16 Irons

I recently went to a fitting day and they suggested AP2 irons over the CB irons. At this stage I didn't know about the...

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Will a 913 d2 head swap out to a 915 or 917 d2? So I can use the shaft I currently have and love.

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tmb shafts

I have ap2 irons and looking to get the tmb to replace the 4 and 5 irons. I have project x rifle 6.0 shafts on the ap2's....

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Driver upgrade?

I have been gaming the 910 D3 since it came out and I have LOVED it for many years now. Its an amazing driver. Simple to...

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