Tradition and Technology

Tradition and technology is a subject that affects everyone who plays golf, and all of us who have a passion for the game. Read on for an overview of the delicate balance between the advancement of the game and its enduring origins.

Statement from Acushnet CEO David Maher on USGA and R&A Golf Ball Rollback
December 6, 2023

Acushnet expresses concern that the golf ball rollback overly impacts golfers and does not fully reflect the input of those closest to the game.

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Acushnet Response: Notice and Comment Letter
August 2023

We firmly believe that the sport of golf is healthy and well-positioned for the future, the many skills required for elite level success are in balance and there is no evidence that driving distance has harmed or likely to harm the game.

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Acushnet Response: Notice and Comment Presentation
August 2023

The Acushnet Company perspective on unification in response to the March 14, 2023 USGA and R&A notice to manufacturers.

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Presentation: Preserving the Balance
June 2021

We share background on golf’s deep-rooted and timeless equipment debate, address the contributing variables, reconcile fact versus perception, and discuss Acushnet’s views on the issues.

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A Perspective: The Case for Unification
January 2013

Former Acushnet CEO Wally Uihlein presents a case for unification, where the game is played by one set of rules, and the game’s growth is linked to the idea that golfers of all skill levels play the same game.

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Titleist response to
USGA / R&A Distance Insights

A compilation of Acushnet responses to the USGA and R&A's joint initiative – the Distance Insights Project - which analyzes distance in golf and gathers perspectives from the worldwide golf community. 

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