What Players Are Saying: Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

It's been a few months now since golfers got their first glimpses and hit their first shots with Titleist's new 718 irons. Validated by the finest players in the world, 718s have quickly become the most played models on the PGA Tour, continuing Titleist's decade-long run as the #1 Irons on Tour.

Dedicated amateurs have also responded to new 718 irons, taking advantage of the wide array of performance options offered across the six models that make up the 718 line - the AP1, AP2, T-MB, CB, MB and our brand new iron design — the AP3.

Titleist golf club designers and engineers tagged the 718 AP3 "The Player's Distance Iron". Everything they learned through developing and advancing AP1 and AP2 iron technology revealed an opportunity to blend the best of both worlds for golfers. The AP3 marries the explosive distance and forgiveness of AP1 with the control, responsive feel and player-preferred look at address of AP2. The result is the longest, fastest player's iron we've ever created.

Read on to hear what Team Titleist members are saying about the new 718 AP3 irons...

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  • Blake T: “I just purchased a new set of the AP3 irons and let me just say, first glance I loved them. I play to an 8 handicap and I usually play with AP2, but the extra forgiveness that the AP3 gave me, combined with the beautiful looks and the little help with distance really pushed me over the edge. Titleist have really outdone themselves on this club.”
  • Don O: “I've played five rounds so far with the AP3s. I shot an 84 already (scores like that destroy a 22 handicap) and can't wait to get some days over 50° to see what happens with consistent play. I can't explain the improvement over my 716s. But ain't it great??!!”
  • Gary H: “It is forgiving and it climbs up in the air quickly.”
  • Charles M: “I put an AP3 4-iron in my bag to fill the gap between my Titleist CB 5-iron and hybrid. The wide sole and really hot face generates an amazingly high and long ball flight for a 4-iron.”
  • Doug B: “I received my 718 AP3s (4-PW, 48°W) last week and finally got to play a round with them and all I can say is WOW! I absolutely love these clubs! If you're on the fence about getting a set, trust me when I say these irons are awesome! Thank you Titleist!"
  • r_t58: “Great launch, height. When pured, feels like a forged club.”

  • Paul C: “I've managed to play with them on four occasions since I bought them and love them. They look beautiful when standing over them and the way they set the ball off is tremendous. The best decision I've made in a long time was switching to these clubs and I can't see myself going anywhere else for the remainder of my golfing days except for future upgrades of AP3.”

  • Rob E: “I love my AP3s and they have made a huge change in my game. Not just making the scores more consistent, but adding confidence to my game. A "technology refresh" with a proper fitting has really helped me enjoy playing more golf.”
  • Phil G: “I have had my AP3s for about 6 rounds. My game had no consistency. I would go par, par bogey, quad, quad, triple and quad. My handicap rose to a 22 and I was super frustrated. Went out this past Saturday and had zero expectations. I wasn’t trying to kill the ball, just to “swing through” the ball. Well, I discovered that there was a swing in there after all. I ended up shooting an 85 and it felt easy. Best round in years! AP3s had a huge impact in achieving this score. They felt so solid. Titleist thank you for such a great product! ”

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Last summer, when Chris Tuten, Titleist VP of Tour Promotion, first introduced the new 718 AP3 irons to players on Tour, we captured their reactions as they struck their very first shots. Watch the video below to hear what Titleist Brand Ambassadors Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Charley Hoffman, Jimmy Walker, Bill Haas and others had to say about the new 718 AP3 irons.


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Thanks to all of the Team Titleist members and players for their feedback! And remember, the best way to find the right irons for your game is to get properly fit by a certified Titleist club fitter.

As Brett Porath, Director of Titleist Golf Club Fitting told us, "No Tour player would play off-the-rack irons and neither should you. An expert fitter will unlock your new clubs' full potential and gain both distance and accuracy."

Check out our Titleist Golf Club Fitting section to learn more about our fitting philosophy and to find a fitting event near you.

Have you experienced 718 irons? Share your insights with us on the Team Titleist Clubs Forum.