We Go Farther

Today, TSR is one of the fastest, most popular drivers in the game. But it wasn’t long ago that Titleist drivers had a different reputation. We Go Farther is a new series from Titleist that takes you deep inside the Titleist Speed Project, a six-year journey that transformed a daunting challenge into Tour dominance. Meet the team that led the way and see what it takes to harness pure speed.

A Line in the Sand

Go back to the beginning of the Titleist Speed Project to see the seeds of innovation that led to the development of the Titleist TS, TSi and TSR drivers. Hear how it all began and how quickly the rubber met the road in the team’s peerless pursuit of speed.


Proving Grounds

As the new TS drivers near completion, the team reaches its first “now-or-never” moment. If it passes the test, there are aggressive plans to launch it on the horizon. Not even narrow fairways, punitive rough and high stakes can keep the Titleist Speed Project from rolling.


Breaking Through

Having done it once, the question becomes, “Can you do it again?” As the Titleist Speed Project shifts from TS to TSi, the team hits a wall. With physics unwilling to budge, it’s time to bring in the big guns. All it takes is a little “space metal” to set off the fireworks and a string of celebrations.


Pushing Beyond

Standing on the other side of success, the Titleist Speed Project team looks to prove that the end of their innovation is nowhere in sight. As the TSR driver takes shape, the newest member of the team proves that sometimes the smallest enhancements can yield the biggest gains


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