Vokey Spin milled 60.08 replacement

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By Nicholas A

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  1. Hi Want to upgrade my Spin Milled 60.07 Lob wedge to a new SM8 60 lob wedge. Can someone help with a similar grind. I think the M grind but not sure. Thanks Nick

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  2. We have a few options for consideration. Speaking with Voke, this model is based on the E Grind. From our current offering of wedges, the closest option would be the 60.10 S. As with all Vokey wedges, the bounce number is effective bounce - very often the shape of the grind is more important than the bounce number. This is why Voke advises: "Fit by the grind."

    If you are looking for the exact replica: choose a 60.10 S or 60.12 D - then select "Smooth Grind Lines" as a HandGround customization. Please reference the Spin Milled 60.07 in the notes section of your order and Voke's team will grind to spec.

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