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By ZDrennan

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  1. I recently bought some SM7s with matte black finish. They look and feel great, especially around the greens and shorter pitch shots. On more full shots I’ve noticed a feel I haven’t felt since png Eye 2 irons. It’s hard to explain but it almost like hitting a marshmallow when you really pure one. I’m excited to see how these wedges wear and hold up to West Texas hard pan. The only thing that concerns me so far is the spin. The 50 and 54 are spinning pretty hard on 3/4 and up shots. Is this normal for SM7s? And, if so, does anyone know if the spin rates will reduce significantly with wear?

  2. Had my chrome sm7s for 5 months and still able to spin them 20 ft or more very easily. But I am a high spin player.
  3. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    Yes, I meant to post something about this as well. I only got the 60 in black but it spins significantly less than my 1.5 year old chrome 60 and obviously less than my new 50 & 54 chrome wedges.

    I love the look and feel of it but I do have to change the shot a bit to fit the lack of spin.

    Glad to hear it isn't just me though.
  4. Corey T

    Corey T

    B.A., are you saying your 60 degree black wedge doesn't spin that much?? That's the opposite of what ZDrennan said, his are (... spinning pretty hard on 3/4 and up shots. Is this normal for SM7s"

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