New Vokey Wedges!

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By Darrin K

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  1. I just received these beauties today! Vokey SM7 54 M.08 and a 60 D.12 both in jet black. I am so excited to play them tomorrow. My first ever Vokey Wedges. Stoked!

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  2. I have the 54M and the 58D and have been very happy with both. The D grind is so easy to open up, even with the high bounce.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Best wedges ever. The new wedges have a higher rate of spin than previous models.
  4. I've hit some amazing shots with these clubs. Just pure butter open faced shots lobbed over a sand trap to a short pin and stopping it within range to get up and down. Look wonderful, feel fantastic, and give you the confidence and imagination to execute the shot you envision in your mind. The 60 D grind has been especially helpful out of the bunkers. I am terrible out of the sand, but my first attempt (and sad to say subsequent attempts) popped out and onto the green like I knew what I was doing.

    Definitely think about who you are as a player, I am a sweeper that likes to open my face.. My 54 M08 is great out of tight lies and firm conditions. I play in the LA area and that is, shall we say, par for the course. The 60 D12 is great out of fluffy turf, medium rough, wet grass, and most sand (especially soft). I couldn't get fitted, so I did a lot of research and self evaluation. Vokeys are amazing clubs that when paired to who you are as a player can completely unlock your potential and lower your scores. I love my wedges!
  5. Dro


    I just ordered a 52 and 56 in jet black
  6. You are going to love them! Through my many hits with these wedges, I can only stress to make the swing that you want with confidence. Keep your head down, make your swing, and let the technology of that spin milled face do the work for you. They truly have changed my game.
  7. Dro


    They're so pretty I don't even want to get them dirty!
  8. That's exactly how I felt! But once you hit some amazing shots with them you will get over it!
  9. Enjoy those clubs. I upgraded from RTX to Vokeys (50, 56, and 60) and could not be happier. Get after it!

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