Sharp Rock Nick on Face of Club. Problem?

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By Paul M

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  1. Hi! New Titleist player here, so I'm also new to the forums. I recently created a decent nick in the club face of my Vokey after hitting a hidden rock in a bunker. Aesthetically, I'm not worried about it-I bought my irons to be played, not look good; however, this particular nick is relatively sharp. Do you all see this as being a problem? I use Pro V 1s, so I'm not looking to tear up a bunch of expensive golf balls either.

    Check out the image if you don't mind. If it is a problem, is there a way to repair this?

    Post Image
  2. Paul,

    Over the years I've had scratches like that on the sole of several of my AP1s. I went to my local golf shop that had a repair person on staff. and he smoothed them out using a sanding wheel and some emery cloth. That did not take away the entire scratch, but it did smooth out the edges. He was pretty gentle so as to not take the finish off of the sole and there has been no rust showing after many years. However, I would caution you to have the repair done by someone that is familiar with the process. Your nick is on the face and any sanding could affect the small grooves that the wedges are made with. I doubt that the nick will ever go away completely but the edges can be smoothed down without too much interference with your shots. The other suggestion would be to contact Titleist or the Vokey people to see if they would do some repairing if you sent it to them. Hope this helps.

    Mark F
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Doesn't look to be protruding so it shouldn't cut into your balls. Also good that it's out on the toe and not the spot where you would be making contact with the ball. If you can run your finger across, it should be okay. If it does catch your finger, hit it with the edge of a file or stop by your nearest golf repair shop for a quick fix. Pretty common problem. My home course bunkers are full of rocks so my wedges get pretty dinged up over time.
  4. Thanks, fellas. I can’t really feel much when I run my finger across it. It definitely catches a little bit when I run a tee through the groove. I guess I’ll keep an eye one some of the golf balls, and if it seems like a problem, get it repaired. This is the advice I was looking for, so thanks. I didn’t want to just pop into a golf shop and have them repair it if it wasn’t really necessary.

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