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By Leland H

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    I have 50* vokey gap, on a swing monitor what could I reasonable except in distance gap with a vokey 46 degree wedge...Full swing with 50 degree is 105 yards....Thank you...

  2. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    Very hard to say without knowing your swing, but about 10 yards would be typical.
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    Roughly 115 but get a gap test done to be sure.
  4. Lou G
    San Diego, CA

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    I used to carry a 46 and 50 before at stock loft. I would get 100 with the 50 and about 115-120 with the 46 (but wasn't as consistent with the 46). I play a 50-08 at 48* and it swings better than a 48-08 because of the bounce, the extra 2 swingweight points and 1/4" shorter shaft. I would get 110 with a stock 48-08 and I get 105 with the 50-08 bent to 48; however, I am much more consistent with the latter (not to mention more accurate on pitching and chipping).

    I have had 46-50-54-58-62 before. With the 42* 9 iron replacement, that is SIX WEDGES. My lofts are 42-48-53-58-64 and distances are 125-105-85-70-50.
  5. David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

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    The rule of thumb is for every 4* increase in loft it approximately equals 10 additional yards. I find this to be pretty accurate for an average effort swing, good contact, ProV1 ball, on a Tuesday etc, etc, etc. As they say your mileage may vary.
    Whats frustrating is that on Trackman I can hit my 52* anywhere from 90 to 120 yards depending on how hard you swing and how much you de-loft the face.
    I agree with RKelly - get a gap fitting done to be sure.
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    I would recommend going to a 54 to 56 degree. I see a lot of the pros bags having four degrees of loft between the pitching wedge and aproach wedge then six degrees of loft between their sandwedge and lob wedge
  7. Lou G
    San Diego, CA

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    Should get about 115-120 with 46*. I had a 46 and 50 and that was my exact distance.

    6* loft difference is about 15-20 yard gap.

    I have a 50-08 bent to 48 and I get 105. My 42* club (9 iron replacement) is 42* and my distance is 125-130. 54 = 85 yards. 58=70 yards and 64 = 50 yards. I have the 54* bent 1* strong.

    I personally fare better with a 50-08 bent to 48 vs using the F grind 48*. There is a swingweight difference of 2 points and a length of 1/4".

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