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By patrick r

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  1. patrick r

    patrick r
    Lake Mary. Fl

    Which wedges set up you members carry in the bag, mine is a 8,10,12 and 10. For my 46-50-54-58. I want to add a few sm7 and debating on my grind set up. Thanks

  2. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    My wedge setup
    Standard 716 AP2 Pitching Wedge 46.7, 50.8.F, 54.10.S, 58.10.S
  3. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    50-08 F, 54-10 S, 58-08 M

    Lafayette, LA

    Raw SM6 50.12 F, 56.08 M, & 60.12 K
  5. Wedge setup for me is
    AP1 PW 43 degree
    SM7 black finish 48F
    SM7 black finish 58M
  6. 50.08F, 56.10S (bent to 55), 60.12D (bent to 59), SM7s. They are performing great!
  7. 718 Ap2 pw(46)
    Sm6 52.10f
    Sm6 56.08m
    Sm6 60.08m
  8. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    RM21 42*, SM6 50-08 (49*), SM6 60-12K (57*) and MD3 64/8.
  9. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I changed my SW to SM7 56-08M and changed the loft of my 50-08 to 48*
  10. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    Just ordered and will be picking up SM7: 46-F-10, 50-F-08, 54-M-08 and 58-S-10 (all tour chrome) to replace my AP2 P & W along with my SM6 56-M-08 and 60-M-08. Changing my gapping on my wedges to get a little more consistent with full shots vs half shots.
    Excited to work with my new wedges.
  11. this is tough to figure out "proper" set-up - so far: 718 AP2 PW 46 degrees -- GW sm7 50.12F -- 54.10S bent 1 degree weak -- 60.12D: any thoughts???
  12. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Here's my wedge setup. Lofts are 42-48-53-58-64. The 42 replaces a 9 iron.
    Post Image
  13. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    What Titleist needs to come up with is a 64* wedge with an S or C grind and 8* bounce. I believe they quit making them after SM4. The SM4 64-07 was good for deep sand but not great on tight lies.
  14. My set up is 47.09, 52.08, 56.10, and 60.08. I really like the versatility the grinds provide.
  15. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I carry the wedges that come with my 716AP1 set. PW - 44*, W - 48*, and SM6 56.10* F Grind (which is a standard sand wedge). I use to carry the AP1 W52* but opted to take it out and replace it with another hybrid going into tournament season because I will be playing from longer tees. At my age (72), I can make these wedges work for me, but need that extra distance and accuracy, beyond the 150 distance. I can choke up an inch on the W and hit it like the W52.....
  16. S
  17. 46 AP2/714 (Bent to 45)

    SM7 Jet Black

    50/08 F Grind
    54/10 S Grind (Bent to 55)
    60/08 M Grind
  18. I recently swapped out my 52 & 56 for a 54 as I mostly used my 60 in bunkers so the 56 was rarely used. Also I prefer using a quarter swing pitching wedge instead of my 52 because I feeling more in control.
  19. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    52 never really did much for me. 50 works the best as a PW for me. 60 never did much either. My best for lob wedge is either 62 or 64. I've played between 54-58 for sand wedge. 58 has just a little extra roll vs a 60. 62 or 64 clears the lip on deeper bunkers vs a 60. 48-56-64 works and so does 50-56-62. Instead of a 9 iron , I use a 46-08 bent to 44.
  20. Alex said:

    I recently swapped out my 52 & 56 for a 54 as I mostly used my 60 in bunkers so the 56 was rarely used. Also I prefer using a quarter swing pitching wedge instead of my 52 because I feeling more in control.

    On reflection I am starting to find I'm missing an important distance because my ap1 PW is strong compared to my old irons.

    I'm finding I am hitting over a lot of greens because of this issue.

    I've found a solution which is a 48 SM7 AMT black S300 but I am still waiting for it to arrive.

    Really can't wait. It will be my first SM7 and if my old sm4 and sm5 were anything to go by I'm in for a treat.
  21. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    This is my iron setup. The 42 is a "wedge" (actually 9 iron replacement) but the other lofts are 48-56-64.
    Post Image
  22. Your 8 iron must have a weak loft or you have a big gap to your first wedge.
  23. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Actually the 8 iron is 37*. Since then I have traded to an Apex 8 iron with Project X 5.5. My 7 iron is 32* and I use a 27H.
    Post Image
  24. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Actually, the gap isn't that big. With an AP2, I got 140 out of the 8 and my 42 was 130 max (120-125 average). I sacrifice 5 yards with an Apex Plus 8 iron but, more importantly, is it is easier to pick off a tight lie. 20 yard gap is a non issue. For 3 years my PW and SW were 47-55. I know my PW is consistently 100-105 and SW is 80-85. I just added the 58-12D. A 64 wedge has always been 55 yd full swing and 30 yard pitch. I don't carry the 6 iron anymore because I set the 7 iron to 32 and I use the 27. Don't carry a 24 because there is just about zero difference.
    Post Image
  25. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    A rather unique selection of wedges......
  26. I spent a season with my MP4 PW at 46*, then SM6's in 50-08, 54-10S, 58-08M or 58-04L

    That 58-04L was just money on tight shots around the green, but limited use elsewhere, very easy to either get the leading edge stuck or slide right under the ball. However, very very useful on links or hard dried out courses like we got in the UK this year.

    I'm in the process of changing out wedges and heading towards the winter (Boo!!!!)
    Same PW, but with all the hype I'm considering an SM7 in there too, same 50*, but have gone 54-14F and 60-08M (waiting for this)

    Plan is to coke them for a raw finish, contemplating making the 54 into a high bounce S grind, although with some practice time maybe i'll get used to the higher bounce here (had some short game area time already and it's great on square face - exactly as designed, but a bit of a challenge to open the face)
    With the 60* i'm planning to take off a small bit of the 'line' on the existing grind reducing that hard transition into something a bit smoother - check out Aaron Dill doing a 'reduced ribbon' grind on you tube - turns an M grind into a mid-bounce K

    Scotty ;-)
  27. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I found 62-08M works better than 60-04L in hard sand.
    Post Image
  28. Play 54 and 58 SM7s. I wil be adjusting those to 55, 59, and ordering one 51.
  29. 716 AP2 pitching wedge, 52-08 SM6, 56-14 SM5, 60-08 SM6
    56 is my go to club from bunkers and around the green. Still working on the 60. It's a little too much hit or miss (mostly miss) right now.
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