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By Thomas H

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    What is the typical useful life for a vokey wedge if I play 10-20 rounds a year?

  2. John B
    Kenmore, NY

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    Great Question - based on Vokey's recommendation and the number of rounds you play: 3-5 years.

    But I tend to notice that my wedges have great spin for the first 30-50 rounds and then level off for a long time. I play about 60 rounds a year and since no one is giving me my wedges for free like on tour, I go about 3 years and my wedges have worked fine for me.

    In simpler terms, when the ball stops doing what you expect it to do, then its time to change.
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    Great thank you
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    I had the same problem. You should check out, they're great and bring the life right back to a wedge.
  5. Chris B
    Monroe, LA

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    W - I like the look of that and may be just what I need to sharpen up my vokey grooves. Is that permitted under the USGA rules? I hope so!!
  6. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Adding to "in simpler terms" a non-urethane ball won't spin as much, and it takes a fair amount of practice to apply spin with a wedge. In that case it may take 5 years for the groves to degrade enough.
  7. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    The best test is take your fingernail and rub it down the grooves and if your nails can get into the grooves you are still good.

    Here is a good video done by the Vokey team on how wear affects spin:

  8. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    So many variables. Do you play a lot of sand shot or mostly from the fairway? Course sand and rocks do the most damage. Are you concerned about spin a lot or just when it gets bad enough to start creating knuckle ball shots? It's kind of different for everyone. I probably upgraded more often than necessary, just wanting the new models as opposed to wearing out my old ones. (Don't tell my wife)
  9. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I have a set of SM6s I have been playing since May 2016. I play and/or practice a lot. Literally out there close to 300 days a year. My wedges are probably the most important clubs in my bag. Certainly the best part of my game. Frankly, when I look at these, with thousands of shots made with each over the 2-year period, I would expect to see more wear. I am used to them, and love them. However, in reality, grooves break down through excessive use, but the deterioration happens at such a very slow rate, it is indiscernible from day to day. But, when I think back to when I first got them, I remember commenting on how much better they were than my previous set of 1-year old 2009 Spin Milled Vokeys with the old, soon to be non-conforming for most of us, square grooves. Spinniest wedges available back then. (I had 3 or 4 sets of the 2009 Vokeys from 2009-2016. It got hard to find new ones towards the end, so I broke down and went with SM6s, and once I did, never missed the 2009 versions.)

    So, it is definitely time to replace my first set of SM6s and probably was last year. Now I'm torn between the new SM7s or a set of leftover SM6s. (If it ain't broke...) Either way, new wedges are going in the bag within the next couple weeks. And this time, not for 2 years and hundreds of rounds, but hopefully I can get a full season out of them.

    If you only play 20 rounds a year, you can probably get through more than just a few seasons with them. My old SM6s still stick on full shots, but run out a bit more than they used to on chipitch shots.

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