SM6 46 or MB?

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By Martin W

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  1. Martin W
    Poole, 0

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    Thinking of SM6 46 over MB to fit in with other Vokey wedges in the bag. Has anyone tried both? Any preference?

  2. TeeJ
    Chesapeake, VA

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    I switched from my MB pitching wedge to a Vokey 46 back when I had the 712's back in 2012. I personally like it better. You get the added performance of the grooves with the same loft.
  3. Epic

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    i was in a similar situation as you, SM6 or CB. I chose the SM6 and has no regret, it's a great wedge you will not be disappoint.
  4. Sam K
    Upstate SC

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    I replaced my TM R7 PW with a Vokey SM6 46, the AW with a 50, 54 SW, and 58 LW. Since switching to all SM6 wedges, I am much more consistent. Having similar feel 120 yards and in makes a big difference for me. The spin is aggressive!
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    I'll be honest with you, I tried to make this change and the feel of the SM6 off the face was fine, but my issue with SM6 46 is with hitting full shots compared to my MB PW. My spin rate was to high and I kept zipping balls back a lot further than I was comfortable. Needless to say I put the MB PW back in the bag and have more control of the spin without making a swing change.

    Just to caveat this post, I don't hit 100% shots with the other 3 SM6 wedges either in order to control the spin, but not having a PW that I can full swing would mean knocking down 9 irons for 110 - 125 yd shots, which only gives me 1 trajectory.

    All in all, it's a feel decision. For me I went back to the MB PW.

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