Limited edition WedgeWorks 64° Vokey Wedge

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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. As being used by Jimmy Walker this week in Augusta, who here in Team Titleist UK feels like they could game one of these?

    We have a very limited number of these available, if you're interested comment below and who would be your nominated retailer.

    The 64W is a unique wedge made for players who play in firm conditions, golf courses with elevated greens and tricky short-sided lies. This wedge is made for the player with quick hands who likes to see the ball elevate quickly, the fearless player who isn’t afraid to attack any pin. The sole is a medium-width sole with slight camber and an effective bounce of 4°.

    The WedgeWorks 64W Limited Edition wedge features an ultra-durable Diamond Like Coating (DLC) finish.

    The SRP on this wedge will be £229.


  2. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Nice one Luke, just not sure my game's up to a 64* wedge.
  3. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi Luke, thanks for sharing. They look really amazing!
  4. Looks amazing but have my eye on a T Grind !
  5. Luke, I might be interested if we can select shaft, grip and other custom options. If that is all OK, I would order through UK Golf Academy
  6. Hi Russell, yes we can offer the above. I've dropped you an email
  7. Paul C

    Paul C

    These look awesome, I had a 62* wedge in the past that I loved but not sure I should go back there again.
    My 58* can do most things I need as far as lobbing it up high and it’s my favourite club in the bag.

    That said at last years St Ives golf day there was a limited edition high loft wedge in the bag which was amazing but I can’t remember what it was so if you Have any re ole toon on that Luke so I can keep an eye open for that I would be most grateful!!!
  8. Paul C

    Paul C

    I think that last bit should have read “if you have any recollection on that Luke”....bloody iPad keyboard
  9. Paul C

    Paul C

    I think that last bit should have read “if you have any recollection on that Luke”....bloody iPad keyboard
  10. Kevin M

    Kevin M
    Cumbernauld, 0

    Great looking clubs, I think my game is just not up to 64 W, maybe one day
  11. Matthew A

    Matthew A

    I would be interested in one! I had a fitting at American golf booked for a full set of t100s irons and vokeys
  12. Hi there, unfortunately these are now all completely sold out! We only had a handful of these available which went very quickly
  13. Should be perfect for links golf in a dry summer.
  14. Matthew A

    Matthew A

    Will it be possible for me to order one through American golf please?
  15. Thanks Luke. Received it today, even better than I thought it would be!
  16. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, uk

    they look really sweet, put the black shaft in an there a winner for me!!!!!!
  17. Antony
    Stop it - I’m having difficulty resisting as it is...
  18. They've gone.... It's almost a relief.... Now I've just got to suffer the angst of not having taken the plunge and added one to my bag.
    Perhaps I'll treat myself to a fairway from the TSi range, just as soon as I am allowed out of England into Wales and the storied temptations in Foregolf Chester.
  19. Mine arrived today and it looks incredible. I have bought it for playing links golf and firm fairways in the summer as I prefer shots in the air as opposed to bump and runs.

    I had a few shots on my soggy wet back garden which could not be further from its intended use.

    With only 4 degrees of bounce angle on the wet ground it would be no good as it is like a hot knife through butter.

    I will switch it in and out with my 60 degree 8 bounce Vokey lob wedge.
    Post Image
  20. Ondřej Chromcik

    Ondřej Chromcik
    Czech Republic

    Wow, this looks good.

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