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By DCarver

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  1. Hi, I have a shinny new set of customer fit T300 irons. The PW is 43 degrees. I want to add a couple of wedges, gap and sand. I may add a lob wedge later. I'm thinking 48 - 54 or 50 - 56????

    What to you think??

  2. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Have a look at the wedge selector tool on that should give you some guidence!
  3. DC
    My PW is AP2 and therefore 46 degrees and I've gone 50 + 56 for gap & sand....
    They are SM7's, F & M grinds with 08 bounce.
    But that's the selection I went for - There are literally hundreds of permutations of loft/lie/grind in the Vokey range.
    You really need some input from a qualified fitter as you also need to factor in the conditions of your home course.
    This truly is a combination of science plus art plus personal preference. The joy of it is, there is no right or wrong to it.
  4. Imo go and get fitted and work out the gaps between the wedges. When having mine my own is 44degree. I went 50, 54, 58. After playing on course for a a number of months I Am happy. When buying thing about the level of bounce as well can make a big difference to confidence in a shot.

    Looking at your lofts would potentially say 48 and then 56 but best trying out. You don’t want 40yards difference between wedge and gap.
  5. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Get fitted so you can work out yard differences and how half/three quarter swings feel
  6. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    The PW for my AP3 is 43 degrees. I currently have a 50 gap wedge but am about to be fitted for SM8 and am thinking of the 48.
    I try to hit the odd half shot with my PW to close the gap a bit and it does work but am wondering if the 48 will close the gap without me having to finesse the shot.
  7. As people have said before - alway get fitted if possible to make sure you have the right gapping for your game.

    I find with the gap wedge it’s always more of a full swing club so with your PW being 43 the next wedge should be 48 degree. Then from there work out your highest lofted (normally 58 or 60) then fill the gap between the two.
  8. i dont think you ll be able to guess that, best is just ask to hit a few pw into the net at the store on the radar and see your carry distance and work back about 10 yards , of better still get fit. theres nothing worse than a big gap in wedges, much easier to get away a bigger gap in mid irons and not notice it
  9. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Depends how good you are at making things work. I go PW which i think is 46 to a 52. But I can work my PW well enough that I'm never stuck.
  10. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    Personally I'd be nervous about having my highest loft as 54. will be helpful to decide if you want to add 2 vokeys or 3.
    I'd either go 48, 56
    48, 54, 60

    If you're playing t300's then you may notice Vokeys fly a little shorter than corresponding t300 equivalents.
  11. Andrew C

    Andrew C
    Kingscourt, Cavan

    Would you consider getting the t300 48 degree wedge and then add 2 vokeys in maybe 52&56 or 52&58
  12. Myron G

    Myron G
    Fort Washington, MD

    I'm going with T300 48 SM8 52&56.
  13. T100 PW which is 46'
    SM8 50' , 54' , 58'

    Gaps sensible for me
  14. David C

    David C

    The largest gap you will have, will be the time it takes from ordering it, to it being delivered.....
  15. I have 4/48 ap3 amt red reg always had a thought to have shafts to match again had a fitting S grind 54 for most short game shots and a M grind 58 I carry for loft shots. Look at what shots you need regularly then fit your wedges to that?
    You could have various ones to suit other courses or conditions or how you are playing but would take analysis rather than what you think will help.
    Get a fitting and see where you need help
  16. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’d highly recommend a proper fitting and/or a Trackman gapping session.
    I’ve got AP2s and as part of my fitting, Dan at St Ives extended it into the wedges. The gapping is pretty straightforward at 50-54-58, but I also hit full and partial shots to determine the bounce for each. I also have different shafts in the wedges, to enhance feel.
  17. Might I ask how often in 18 holes does one hit a wedge into a green?
    I maybe use one twice per round on my home course and sometimes never depending on the weather.
    So I don’t really understand all this necessity for wedge gapping. Sometimes I might hit a pitch and run from 140 yards in, it depends on the conditions.
    I regard my wedges as different tools which can be used for different short game shots. A high loft lob shot or a pitch and stop.
    I was brought up with the grip it down 1/2 inch for each 10yds less.

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