Jet Black Premium Cart Bag 2020 - Where Did It Go?

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  1. Has this model been withdrawn?? - Anyone know?? Was at my usual supplier today looking for a Jet Black Premium (StaDry) Cart Bag. Considering supplementing my Hybrid 14 bag with a new cart bag and the Jet Black Premium Cart Bag 2020 fits the bill. It's a fabulously good looking and practical bag and I gave my old one away to a deserving cause. My supplier apparently had one the other week but couldn't get another from Titleist. It seems to be Out of Stock everywhere - I've been looking on-line and there only seems to be one possibilities and they are not mainstream suppliers. Such a great bag and it's disappeared without trace. JT

  2. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    I think you'll find there's supply issues everywhere in the industry, I suppose because the majority of it is coming from China!
    I've been waiting for a Powakaddy GPS holder only to find the delivery date keeps getting pushed out.
    I've ordered a stand bag from my local pro, he's been told Titleist don't expect stock until mid November, I imagine these supply issues will result in prices being less competitive, if you're not prepared to wait maybe you need to get it from where its in stock!
  3. David,
    Guess you're right - we definitely need to get some container traffic flowing!!
  4. They are a new range and are not released yet. I’ve got one on order and it will not be in until November 8th I’ve been told.
  5. IW
    I've seen one, so they are "In Play" - just Out of Stock
  6. Tosh.


    JT I asked my local titleist dealer for the same bag about two wks ago and he got back to me about 3 days later and he says there out until next year? I was after that or the staff with a set of black head covers......but no luck mate.
  7. SAnderson


    There is definitely supply issues with them, they were out of stock everywhere until July then a few places got them before selling out again.
    Your best bet would be to check with different pro shops, I put a message on Facebook and had a few different pro’s saying they had one/two in stock and managed to hold one for me.

    Good luck, the black head covers are on my shopping list
  8. Tosh.


    This is what I’m after.
    Post Image
  9. Tosh,
    That looks the business, I have to say.
    That was the look I was after, though I wanted the Premium StaDry rather than the Staff.
    I'd suspected what the problem might be and so come to the conclusion that there was going to be a long wait.
    I'm not very patient so I've changed my plan;
    The Hybrid 14 has gone into the loft & the electric trolley has been packed away.
    Picked up a new StaDry 4+ for the autumn/winter (the white, navy, & red) and am now into Carrying mode.
    Have to say that the best looking 4+ was the limited edition one in Scottish colours. The English one was a a tomato red and was not what I'd call attractive. Didn't wish to be accused of Cultural Appropriation by the celts so I went for the generic white, navy & red.
    Think that will do until next year - I'll wait and see what comes out next.

  10. Tosh.


    JT you and I are kinda similar as I’ve ditched the hybrid and trolley for the carry bag in winter...........are you spying on me ‍♂️
  11. Tosh,
    Damn - I thought nobody expected the unexpected....
    Of course I'm copying you!!!
  12. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Sure I seen one in my local pro shop the other day.
  13. Gareth B

    Gareth B
    South Wales

    I got mine a few weeks ago from Tony Valentine golf but think I may have had one of the last ones. There was another site out there with one but I don’t recall what it was. Stainton Golf maybe but I can’t vouch for them as I’ve never used them. Good luck as it is a superbly good looking bag that’s received lots of comments.
  14. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Must be crazy supply issues all round......Im waiting EIGHT weeks for a "standard" 54 degree Vokey S grind wedge. Had I known I would not have ordered.
  15. Gareth,
    Thanks - Tried Snainton but no luck.
    The one I found wasn't a dedicated golf site...
  16. Declan,
    Just goes to show how much we buy, particularly from China, and the dependancy we have on the supply chain to meet demand. The development of Just-in Time delivery systems have saved warehousing costs and the process operates smoothly in normal circumstances but these not so normal times have upset the apple cart and no mistake.
    Sooner it gets back to normal, the better.
  17. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Likewise, I'm waiting 6 weeks now for a 58 M Grind.

  18. ian e

    ian e

    Possible stock at Golfbidder, worth a look on line.
  19. Tosh.


    Anyone from titleist know when the premium stadry cart bag 2020 will be restocked or is that it done?
    I’m in need of a waterproof cart bag and this is the one...
  20. Tosh.


    JT it says on snaitons website you can pre order them for mid November delivery....
  21. Tosh,
    Thanks for that - Seemingly they've got two of them in HotGolf, which is only 15 mins down the motorway and I can walk out with it in my hot little hand - You know I lack patience....
  22. Tosh.


    I Feel yer pain bud........mines didn’t arrive today
    I hate internet shopping at times.
  23. Tosh.


    I managed to source one from hotgolf......gets delivered tomorrow. ‍♂️
  24. Tosh
    Well done my friend - enjoy!
  25. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    Only got made aware of this bag last night. After a bit of scouring, I found Tony Valentine had a couple (their eBay shop says they have 2 available).

    Needless to say I have ordered one and it should be delivered tomorrow!
  26. Matt,
    Obviously a man of action who knows what her likes!!
    Congrats.... I'm off to HotGolf in the morning to see what Tosh has left!!!
  27. Tosh.


    Still waiting
  28. Tosh.


    Been in touch with hotgolf this morning as it’s still not here and....... it’s now a lost parcel‍♂️ With none in stock! damn you DPD.

    Ah well looks mid November for me.
  29. Tosh.


    Please spare me the new bag pics.
  30. Tosh.


    Cheers Matt I’ve ordered one from Tony’s, fingers crossed it doesn’t get lost......
  31. Tosh,
    There were deffo none left in HotGolf... I looked & asked this afternoon.
    Saw a pair of golf shoes in there that I thought would be good - Reduced - My size - Left shoe Very Comfortable...
    Just one problem - couldn't find the box with the right shoe. Left shoe excellent, right shoe missing.
    Myself + two assistants and we couldn't find it....
    So I left with my wallet untouched.
    Not my day, I guess.
  32. Tosh.


    I think hotgolf need to change their name.........
  33. Not-so-hot-Golf?????
  34. Tosh.


    Bag came yesterday’s big. Great looking bag with plenty room for all the stuff I don’t need.
  35. Tosh,
    Presumably the second order is the one that turned up???
    You can't leave us with half a story - What happened to the HotGolf order?? - Have you got two bags (full?)

    Enjoy filling up your new receptacle!!
  36. Tosh.


    Sorry JT, I got a full refund from hotgolf as that one was deemed lost, so I ordered one from tony valentine on the Thursday I think, and it came’s a monster,great bag...I’ve yet to try it for size on the trolley but I’ll do that Saturday....
  37. How well did it fit on your trolly Tosh, you said it’s quite big? I’ve been looking everywhere for one but they all seem out of stock... Has anyone seen them available anywhere?
  38. How well did it fit on the Trolley Tosh, you mentioned it’s quite big? I’ve been looking for this bag everywhere, but they’re all out of stock. Has anyone seen them available anywhere?
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