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By GSpence

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  1. Hi guys,

    I ordered a new set of custom T100 irons through my club pro 12 days ago, I was wondering if there was any update on lead time for custom iron delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic



  2. Hi Greg,

    Titleist are quoting 12 day’s, I’ve just had a Despatch notice for a full bag and that was 13 days after order so should be any day now for you (fingers crossed!)

    Best of luck

  3. I ordered mine via AG on the 18 June (custom fit T100&T200 5iron) and still not arrived.

    Got my Custom fit wedges within 14 days.
  4. Hi guys,

    We're currently working to a 12 day lead time from time the order goes on our system. We're aiming to get orders from your retailers on our system within 24 hours from when we receive them. The lead times could be affected by stock levels so if you've been waiting a while its worth asking your retailer to check on the order as there might be a grip or a shaft out of stock that is holding up the order

  5. Had my fitting 3rd July, t200 4-6 t100-s 7-pw
    Was told 3 weeks or so and still nothing back anyone got any inside info?
  6. Matt W

    Matt W
    Skipton, 0

    Ordered 23rd July, rep has confirmed it will be at least another 3 weeks from today.

    Didn't say any stock issues that was just the waiting time to complete orders at the moment.

    Pretty standard order, T200's with Black AMT Regular just 1 inch shorter same for SM8's
  7. Steve G

    Steve G
    London, 0

    I was fitted by Matt at the National Centre, St Ives on 2nd July. I ordered through my local Pro Shop (Matt Deal @ Hendon GC) on 3rd July and collected them today. A fantastic set of T100s (5-PW) 3 SM8s and a U -510. They look awesome, guess I was just lucky on availability.
    Thank you Matt at Titleist and Matt and team at Hendon GC
  8. That’s exactly what I’m getting Steve G. What are the irons like as I’ve tried the T100 and T200 so going in the middle. Not tried the U510 yet or new SM8 wedges. Some say it’s a 12 day turnaround for orders so I can’t wait until fitted next week.
  9. Matt W

    Matt W
    Skipton, 0

    I’ve just been quoted 4 - 5 weeks from the rep my pro uses.

    This sounds quite a bit different to 12 days
  10. Darren C

    Darren C
    ., 0

    Ordered my T200’s 10th July and the arrived to my club yesterday,
  11. I ordered a full set and it took 8 days to arrive and all custom and different specs.
  12. Kevin R

    Kevin R
    Winchester, 0

    Ordered set of custom build T100s 17th July. Told 3 weeks lead in. Still not arrived......
  13. Kevin R

    Kevin R
    Winchester, 0

    Ordered a set of custom T100s irons 17th July still not arrived........

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