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By David G

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  1. I have a set of T100 and a U500 on order. I know the official release date is the 30th August, but the titleist guy said realistically they will be with the pro shop a few days before that. Is that the case, If so is the 27th/28th realistic? I'm so eager to get them!!!

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  3. They are here! T100 and U500, cant wait to hit them tomorrow. I guess I need to do something with those png hybrids that are ruining the bag ;)

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  4. Milos V

    Milos V
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    I ordered my custom T200 on Aug 9th after my custom fitting at St. Ives on Aug 8th (my order was confirmed on Aug12th) and I was also told by Titleist fitter that they will be built before Aug 30th. I still did not get them.


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