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By Tim A

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  1. Hi, I use all Titleist clubs & accessories apart from my putter as I can’t find 1 that suits me, currently I’m using an Odyssey Versa 1W which is the best putter I’ve ever used. Is there a Scotty which is similar feel & shape to this that I could try ? Thanks #teamtitleist

  2. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    There certainly is, the Select Squareback. Very similar and a lovely club to use
  3. I find that Scotty’s shoot off the face where as my putter has a soft insert in the face, which suits me betta. I do like the look of the square back tho & the phantom x new range is very cool
  4. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Can't help you on the Sc but I had the double wide Stroke lab Odyessy (which is the newest version of yours) in my hand at the weekend and have a feeling it may well be going in the bag once I get a putter fitting.
  5. Yeah I recommend the 2018 square back.

    Here's mine:
    Post Image
  6. I really fancy an In-depth test of the new Shadow X and Concept X designs in the Scotty collection.
    I've got a Select Newport 2, which is the widest Scotty I've owned, but I'm beginning to think I should be using a mallet-style putter.
  7. Tosh.


    I have the square back no1 and it’s very similar to your odyssey bud......had it for 9 yr and it still looks fantastic,great putters.
  8. The Scotty square back is the model for you it’s very similar to the 1w.ive had one for a month and after the 1st week of adjusting to it I love it find an pro shop with stock and give it s test
  9. Thanks, everyone for responding, the search for a Scotty Cameron squareback putter has begun ️‍♂️️ #teamtitleist

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