Are golf Youtubers conning folk ?

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By Stuart M

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  1. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    I'm sure most of us have watched quite a few YT vids over the last few years but I do wonder if some of these YTer's are trying to con the public.

    I won't name names but just went on YT and seen a headline "Hit your irons 2 clubs further" and this type of topic title isn't alone, there are hundreds if not thousands of them so come on, they are at it aren't they ? 2 clubs further...really !!!

  2. Tosh.


    I really don’t watch much online “tips” as by the time I’m out on the’s gone,forgotten,Must be my age....but yeh I think the headlines are exaggerated to get you hooked in but “hit your irons two clubs further” does sound better than “hit your irons properly”.........I’m away to watch some
  3. Stuart,
    Are they "conning" us - Probably!!! Lofts are all over the place as there is no Standard. It wouldn't be impossible to come up with old-fashioned lofted iron and compare it to a "Power" version iron with the same number stamped on the bottom and bang on about 2 clubs difference. If it helps, I find it pretty meaningless too!
    My current bugbear is that I'm fed up of being bombarded with UTube reviews of this year's offering from all the second-rate equipment suppliers (ie Non-Titleist). Most seem to depend on shiny new colour schemes. I'm even less interested what some Pro thinks of them or his personal fitting with aforementioned suppliers, or how these shiny things compare with other new painted, shiny things, or last years shiny new (rubbish) thing. All marketing spin & no progress.
    Sorry, I've invaded your thread... but I feel better for getting that off my chest... So many thanks.

  4. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    I'm a big fan of YouTube tipsters, the ones I favour are the likes of Danny Maude, and Alister Davies, both are qualified, experienced and recognised coaches and they offer sound explanations, tips, and drills that have helped me improve my golf.
    I'm not taken in by false claims, but then again the whole golf industry is based on or quest to play better, this driver, these irons, wedges golf ball will add extra distance, and improve performance is the reason why we change our equipment so often!
  5. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Haha, don't get me started on club reviews. One particular YTer can stretch out about 5 or 6 vids from just one model release, I find it infuriating. However, there clearly is a market for these guys as they have lots of subscribers and plenty views, though I do get the club reviews as we all need to do our research and gathering opinions is always good.

    As for lofts or as MC calls them, powerbats, there is a market for them or they wouldn't be getting made, it's a no from me for these type of clubs but sure they help some. back to the original topic, yes it's all clickbait to get as many subs and views as possible to earn them money but I feel kinda sorry for the naive golfer who knows no better and believes it all. Me personally, I follow a few of them, but only really MC out of the really big ones as the others turn me to stone.
  6. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    That’s why I think Crossfield has found the niche. Some people don’t like him, but it’s because he speaks the truth.

    Know a guy who went to a coach camp with him doing a demo, and the guy was a human GC2 and called numbers out as he hit the ball. Super knowledgeable...but it doesn’t fit with golf manufacturers ‘this goes further than anything’ line that seems to appear.

  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Interesting topic this, I do watch quite a few different ones and enjoy their content but get little fed up with them pushing products that will change our game.

    Few years ago 2 of the guys tried the 350 yard drive challenge and eventually managed it. The company who’s driver they used then went on to promote newer products that would add 10, 20 or 30 yards to the average golfer, there headline not mine, yet when I questioned one of these 2 guys on the 2019 range which they said was fantastic and longest driver they had used I asked if they could now hit the ball 400 yards, lol he blocked me.

    Nothing beats a lesson with a Pro you respect.


  8. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    well said JT totally agree with everything !!

    But I do watch a few online tips, normally when my game is off. I always find that going through various tips always triggers something in me, to get my game back on track.

    It maybe something very simple and not related to the online tip but it makes you think and then that is where you find that swing thought that you just took for granted.
  9. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    You Tubers are just doing what the printed magazines did in the past... If you want to hit your irons two clubs further (not two club lengths) first you will need to know how far you currently hit them and seek professional advice on whether equipment can help or you need a lesson.

    If TM drivers are 'The longest' how come Justin Rose swaps to Honma and gains distance ???

    Sorry but I'll say again TS Drivers didn't increase my distance over 917D so maybe I need to work on that.

    For me I like the entertainment value and learning more about the game rather than the latest reviews and I've stopped watch those channels so I don't feel conned.


  10. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Anyone watched Golf Sidekick ? Really quite informative if you can put up with the accent !
  11. Peter M

    Peter M

    Youtube is great for golf...if you know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff!
  12. Robin Matthews Williams is hilarious. The complete opposite to most of them.

    I do like Crossfield up to a certain point. Can be kinda funny too.
  13. I mainly use you tube for drills to work on myself mainly putting drills for home.

    As mentioned above I don’t think you can beat a lesson with your pro
  14. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I’ll say this quietly because he doesn’t play Titleist, but Phil Mickelson has posted some excellent videos on Instagram to show how he chips. He doesn’t do it to sell or promote anything, just to help people chip better - in fact a lot of the videos are filmed with him in flip flops in his garden (albeit his garden looks awesome and much better than the practice ground at my club)
  15. Shoaib


    A lot of the club reviewers are pushing pure nonsense but some of the instructional stuff on YT really helps...the problem is that every Golfer’s swing, like our fingerprints, is unique.

    A tip or drill on YT may work for Peter but may weaken Paul’s game.

    A good example of this is when I was struggling with bunkers, a 2 minute YT fixed me up. A regular I play with who was also struggling from the sand had zero success with the same vid...why??? I play steep on the wedge and he’s shallow.

    If you genuinely want to improve your game, gain distance etc a teaching Pro is best. YT may end up doing more damage then good

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