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By blair

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  1. blair


    Hi guys all my clubs are pretty new apart from my 2004 Scotty Cameron studio design 1.5. I’ve used it ever since my uncle gave it to me as a Christmas present and it’s been my favourite club ever since. I did get it refurbished and customised when the shaft broke a few years back but it’s still my old trusty to me. I was just wondering if you guys have an old club that you would never replace regardless of technology. Cheers Blair

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  2. Hi Blair,

    For me it’s my see more blade putter. Love the fact you can hide the red dot and know the putter is square through impact, helps that you get instant feedback,

    Only thing I changed was the grip, have flat cat solution fitted now.

  3. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    My Scotty Cameron X7 is the oldest club in my bag and that’s not even 2 years old yet lol
  4. Tosh.


    Scotty square back 2010 I think I’ve tried a few other putters but always go back to my scotty.
  5. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I have used the same 3 wood since 2010. Its a 910f with Diamana stiff shaft. It is one club that I can shape exactly as I wish. High, low, draw or fade.

    Whilst playing on a charity day last year, I went into the pro shop and sitting there in the bargain bag was a brand new 910f, same spec as the one I have. I enquired how much it was and they said £40, I said would you take £30. yes was the reply. I could not believe it.

    That is the best £30 I have spent on golf clubs. Its still in the wrapper, sitting with my other spare clubs.
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Are you another Sergio? How do you break a putter shaft?

  7. blair


    The putter shaft was rusty and started to break so it made my mind up about sending it away to get refurbished
  8. Ant,
    Blair doesn't look like he needs a buggy just yet, but I've seen a buggy run over a bag...
    It was messy...
  9. My 915 3 wood project x 7.0 shaft
  10. Mine is similar but not the same. My Vokey 60 V wedge. I tweak it to 62°, and grind the leading edge. Best wedge ever. Unfortunately I have to keep replacing it due to it wearing out.
  11. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Mine is my Pro Platinum Tour Napa. It doesn't gets used all the time but every now and again I try something else but always end up going back to it.
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  12. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    My ‘old faithful’ is my Notchback 2012 version. Built to my spec, with 20g weights instead of the 15g, with a Baby T Dancing Cameron midsize grip. Not quite “Trigger’s broom” yet, but this is the 3rd grip it’s had. I was lucky to get a couple of spares!
    Having just seen what a replacement will cost via eBay, looks like I’ll be looking for an alternative when this one needs replacement.
    I love the simple black finish and the solid milled face. No inserts for me!
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  13. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    Mine is my 2004 Studio Stainless. I also have the 2014 select Newport but keep going back to my old favourite.
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