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  1. blair


    Hi guys I was just wondering what’s your thoughts are about using a different golf ball depending on the course you are playing. My home course is a links so I’m loving the AVX because it gives me a more penatrating flight in the wind as well and having a lovely feel and some added distance. I would switch back to the Pro V1 to play a parkland course though. Just wondering if you guys do anything similar Cheers Blair

  2. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Used AVX for the first time over Xmas and must admit I do like the feel of them. I will be using them over the winter but returning to the Prov 1X in the Spring and summer as I feel I get a better feel of my Irons with it.
    Both great balls and looking forward to the choice of the new yellow Xs'and 1X's going forward.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I've been using AVX since they came out as I was getting lots of driver spin at the time. Change of swing and 917 has reduced it somewhat.

    I've switched back to use up my ProV1's from time to time when it's not been windy and I'm confident of my driver swing. I've even switched during a round and can honestly say I prefer the AVX over the 2017 ProV1 for longer game to reduce the spin rate and lower the flight and don't have any issues with it.

    I've been lucky to get one of the places to get fitted for 2019 ProV in February so it will be interesting to see how the new ball compares to AVX. I'll post something after the fitting.

    I haven't played a links yet but current would be using AVX if I did.


  4. Blair,
    Have to say that I tend to change over Winter to Summer rather than by course, though on winter links I will go for a Velocity to see if I can optimise run without going fully "Off-Piste" and using a Non-Titleist distance bomber.
    When we go abroad, we sometimes have a Lucky Dip - Everyone brings half a doz "exotic" but not cheap balls and you play with what you pick... At least until you run out of ammo!
  5. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    I don't change the ball depending on the course but might due to the conditions or time of year. My normal ball is the Pro V but I have also used the yellow Tour Softs during the winter - as they are a great ball, the yellow is more visible and they are a bit cheaper.

    I have used the AVX during windy conditions and I feel it definitely holds more than a Pro V
  6. Ian H

    Ian H
    Douglas, Isle of Man

    I was fortunate enough to have a ball fitting at the TT event at Turnberry. Not something I'd ever thought of doing but the knowledge and passion the guys showed was impressive. I'd recently been using the AVX for the reasons mentioned (it's perma-windy in the Isle of Man!) but was fitted for 1xs instead. I showed there really was a sacrifice to be made in respect of spin/stopping power.
  7. Robert


    Love the feel of the AVX off both driver and Putter face , hopefully it will be a popular ball along side the Prov’s

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