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By Ricki C

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  1. Hi all just a quick one I have been using my 915 d2 for some time now but I'm thinking of upgrading. What's peoples opinions on the 917 and the ts2?

    Thanks guys


  2. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    TS drivers are the way forward!!
    915 was a great driver, 917d2 is ok I thought it was a little better than the 915.
    But my new TS2 is is just awesome and in a different league.
    Without a doubt go get fitted at a Titleist fitting centre and get it bought.
    You will not regret it.
  3. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    This I can speak with authority. I am only 15 months back to the game after around 13-15 years out, first thing I did was get a 915D3 (as my old 905 was ...err..old) played most of last year with it relatively successfully but had the odd miss here and there. Latterly I bought a 917, could find a fairway for toffee, then come September I was fitted at my club when Titleist were up with the TS range.

    I knew my numbers with my 915, so it wasn't a surprise when the few hits I had showed up around my numbers. Out with the TS two, boom ! 15 yards increase. Now the cynic would say, well they would say that, but at our place we have a tree 235 out, if you reach that on the carry, it's a pretty decent hit, I can make that with my 915, however, I could clearly see with my own eyes I was carrying the tree comfortably, no need to look at the trackman figures.

    Anyway, long story to say, forget the 917, I hated it, the TS2 on the other hand....absolute weapon.....FACT !
  4. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I haven't tried the TS driver yet due to the cost but hearing great reviews about it. I upgraded from the 910 to the 917 D2 and I'm very happy with the results.
  5. Gary S

    Gary S

    Hi Ricki
    I changed from my 915D2 at the end of September in to a TS2 with a 9.5Deg Head set at D3 and regular Tensei shaft after being fit at a Titleist fitting event and while it was working well at the fitting, as soon as I took it out on the course it was going all over the place. One of the flaws when fitting was that I was encouraged to try and hit the ball as hard as I could and yes, it certainly flew further with a big fade but this is not how I play golf while on the course.
    I went back to my 915D2 till I could arrange another fitting and low and behold my driving was back to normal. At the next fitting with Titleist the loft and lie were changed several times, with a new head even being tried, as well as shafts and we settled on the original club but set at A3 and this has changed everything. Hitting the fairways, driving further and straight as a die. Tried changing the settings myself before the fitting but without the technology of flight-scope etc your never 100% sure of what’s happening. All of the fittings were with the ProV1, which is the ball I game.
    Service and advice from Titleist was second to none at both fittings but make sure any new club you go for does what you want and need it to do, as it’s a significant investment!

    PS - Still have the 915D2 as back-up!!!
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I couldn't get on with 917D at my first fitting (High fades) and nearly bought another make, luckily there was a space at a Titleist fitting day at a local club and a second fitting changed the lie and BINGO all was good. When I tried TS it was the same as first 917 fitting even with same set up so it's possible we try that little bit harder when being fitted for new stuff and don't get the consistency we have during normal practice and play... Would be interested to hear what fitters think...
  7. SAnderson


    I got a fitting for a TS from a 917 and my ball speed increased, if you were thinking about changing driver definitely go to get fit for the correct version. More than likely, you will see an improvement
  8. As ever, it boils down to economics - It depends entirely on how much you are happy to spend.
    You can pick up a 917 for buttons as they were an acquired taste. They have a really low value in part-ex already. If you traded one in, you would be lucky to get three figures. You'd probably get as much for a 915!
    TS2 & 3 on the other hand, have been very enthusiastically welcomed.
    Whatever you decide try it first and get fitted if at all possible. There are loads of Titleist demo days listed on this site.
  9. blair


    I changed from a 915 D3 to the TS3 and I can’t believe how much further it’s going. The thing is a rocket!!!
  10. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Hit my 915 so we’ll that I can’t see myself changing.
  11. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Declan F said:

    Hit my 915 so we’ll that I can’t see myself changing.

    If it works, it works but you really should go try a TS cause I thought the same with my 915 then got fitted for my TS and wowsers !!!
  12. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Declan F said:

    Hit my 915 so we’ll that I can’t see myself changing.

    Tried It on course and don’t like it to be honest.
  13. Hi Ricki,

    I will be updating the Titleist Thursdays schedule later on today so if you want to give the TS a try its worth attending a free fitting at one of our venues. You can find the schedule

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  14. I recently purchased a used 915 D3 7.5 degree with a Diamana D+ White 70 stiff flex shaft. The intent was to possibly gain a few yards and chase my 913 D3 with a Fujikura Fuel 50 regular flex shaft out of the bag. At 56 years old and still having a 112 swing speed, the 915 resulted in a low draw. All things equal, I swapped out the shafts. Bingo! One of the ranges I practice on is aboard Camp Pendleton, CA. The farthest range sign is 200 placed 3/4 up a hill (the hill is about 50 feet high). About 20 yards behind that is a 15 foot high net. The net was added about 4 years ago to keep heavy hitters from hitting off the range and I hadn't cleared that net since they put it up. Until today! Honestly, as age sets in, I'm not sure anything will chase this driver out of my bag. Center impacts are pure. Off center impacts towards the toe provided a light draw (10 yards right to left). I had no fades or slices. Extremely pleased with the 915 D3 and see no reason to upgrade.
  15. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Go and try them for yourself as everyone is different.
    So many head/shaft combinations.
    I’ve had every Titleist Driver since the 975 and I think this is the best.
    I have however kept my 905T Blue Stiff Grafalloy though as I love taking it out every now and again
    As Luke said, the Titleist thursdays are starting next month so you can try, get fit for them then.

  16. I'm increasingly tempted ...booked a 30 min slot in Full Line Club Fitting Event at my club for early Feb.... can't wait. Depending on outcome might follow up with a trip to St Ives
  17. blair


    My last driver was the 915 D3 which I loved and I got the TS3 when it came out. The difference is rediculous I’m 15 yards longer and it goes so straight with hardly any spin. I tried the TS2 as well and the numbers were even better but I liked the look of the TS3 more. Don’t get the 917 the TS range is in another league.
    Hope this helps
  18. Tosh.


    I’m using the 917 d2 and happy with it but as soon as the fitting truck is in my area I’m gona get fitted to see what difference it makes as I’ve always just bought my clubs off the shelf.
  19. Stuart L

    Stuart L
    Warrington, Cheshire

    I love my 917 d3 so not looking to change . As they say if it's not broke don't change it
  20. Has to be TS, was a leap forward for me, I went from 915 to 917 with marginal gains but TS2 was hot all over the face which got the off centre strikes up there with the middle hits. Fitting essential.
  21. Oh beggar it... If you can't be good to yourself then who can you be good to?
    This has convinced me to get a TS fitting!!

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