FJ DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket

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By Bart van der Does

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  1. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hello Team Titleist,

    In many countries the winter, snow & cold weather tempatures have arrived it was time for me to look into new rain jackets. As my old rain jacket from last year (came out of the Titleist Tour Truck, advantage of the caddie life on tour) needed replacement. I visited the local pro shop to have a look on possibilities on what's out there. I see many golfers in the wrong clothes in cold/wet conditions. In the past I used to wear another brand who was leading in rain gear. But over the years Footjoy has created and designed fantastic clothing and even in my spare time I wear Footjoy. (Yes, you read it correctly. I wear FJ clothes every day).

    So if you are looking to buy yourself a new rainjacket I hope this article will help you out choose what's fits for you.

    So looking what FJ offers on some outer layers there is: Dryjoys Tour LTS, Sport Windshirts, Thermal Quilted Jackets, Hydrolite Rain Jacket & the Dryjoys Tour XP.

    I was lucky enough to buy three samples. The LTS, Thermal Quilted & the Dryjoys Tour XP.

    What I like about the LTS it's lightweight, strechy but not that think enough for high winds & rain. The Thermal Quilted one is a real nice one for windy days. It keeps the warmth in and it breeves nicely. But on a rainy day this might not be the best jacket to protect you from the rain.

    So then I had the Dryjoys tour XP left to try. What I like about the jacket: comfort and a huge range of motion during your swing. The rain jacket is constructed from 3 layer bonded fabric which reduces weigh and aids mobility during your round. The jacket features waterproof hand and scorecard pockets that allows easy access to your scorecard, glove and wallet without exposing you to the elements.

    When swinging the club I feel the comfort and stretch during the swing. I tested this on a windy day and I felt no cold during the day. Then it was time for the water test.

    I asked if the green keeper could turn on the sprinklers on the green and I walked multiple times through the sprinklers. It's interesting to see how you stay dry in this fantastic jacket. What I like about it the small water drups that fall of the jacket. Some waterprooves absorves the water, which makes the outfit heavy and resulting in getting cold. But I when wearing the Tour XP jacket I felt super comfortable and for me when playing golf for multiple hours I need equipment to stay dry and warm.

    Of course there is a price gap in the jackets mentioned above. So if I could reccomend anyone or give a tip. Yes, the Dryjoys Tour XP is the expensive one.. but it's all money worth. There is nothing worse then going for the cheapest one, getting cold, socked & wet during the day. Trust me... you do that ones... and then you get a proper rain outfit.

    I like the black/orange one. Black waterprooves are to me better looking then colored one. And I like the orange stripe. (orange is the Dutch football color)

    The jacket you can ajust by the arms to your wishes and it has one brest pocket for mobile phones or score card. And it has two side pockets.

    Now the important detail. The zippers. I like the big zippers because in the past the FJ zippers were too small. Resulting in taking too long to zip on / off. Also the zippers are waterproove. There is no water coming in. So yes, everything in these stays dry.

    One tiny little thing to the design department... the ajustable zips on the end of the arms... I don't like the plastic feel on it... and what I like to see on the new versions is the button edge to be colored, same for the side pocket zippers. I would have liked orange zippers instead of the black one. But again this is flavor.

    I hope it gives you a better look/inside on the FJ DryJoys Tour XP Rain Jacket. So if you are looking for a quility rain jacket the FJ Dryjoys Tour XP Rain jacket is the one you need.

    * * Thank you for reading my article. Please note I'm not sponsored by Titleist/Footjoy. I also am not part of any testing team. I'm a experienced golfer, former tour caddie who likes to try out new things and give you a product review of this amazing brand. Hope it gives you a better look on the jacket. * *

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop in your comments / questions below.

    Happy swings,


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  2. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi Bart,

    You could've taken the wok out of the blue one before trying it on ha ha, just a joke :)
    Great review on the FJ products, up here in Newcastle we get to use all the products all year round as the weather is very unpredictable, whether it be windproof or waterproofs, I like a jacket to be quiet, not sounding like a crisp packet when swinging, the new FJ jackets are great !


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