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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    On for Luke,

    I picked up my second TS fairway this morning and my pro said it he enquired but says it doesn't come with a wrench. My first one didn't either.

    Should they come with one?

    Luckily I have one for my 917D

    But what if it's your first Titleist?

    I know a Cobra wrench fits but is it set to the right torque?

    Would be good to clear up just so we know.



  2. I'm lead to believe the fairways don't come with a wrench.
  3. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland


    Only the driver comes with a wrench from Titleist.
  4. Peter M

    Peter M

    Only the driver comes with one automatically. If you ask, your fitter can order one at the same time as placing an order for a fairway or hybrid for free. Otherwise you need to phone/email Titleist UK to get one sent retrospectively.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Thanks TT members for the info which I was aware of and isn't clear on the internet sites that sell Titleist that although adjustable you need to order the wrench.

    My old non-Titleist Hybrids came with the wrench as did my 917d so I was just expecting it to be part of the package.

    I'll order them just in case I sell them when I next upgrade.


  6. Hi Ant,

    Only the driver comes with the wrench as we find that most consumers who buy a fairway will have also bought the driver, which does come with a wrench and so the fairway does not need to be supplied with one.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  7. Guv280984

    Nutts Corner, Norn Iron

    Guys, I got 2 driver head covers with my order instead of a fairway cover. How can I go about getting this sorted? The head cover keeps falling off my fairway and it’s a nightmare.


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