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By EMurray

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  1. EMurray



    Just looking for advice from others, I’ve got 718 AP1 4-PW. I’ve also got vokey sm6 wedges:50 , 54 & 58 degrees. My question; is the gap between the AP1 PW which is 43degree loft and my 50 degree wedge too much? Should I ditch the 50 and get an AP1 48 wedge instead?

    I know much of this is personal preference but any advice would help

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  2. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    My set up has always been 2-PW in the set the a 54 and a 60.

    I had a fitting with Bob back in May and he said my gapping was all wrong due to the big jump from my PW to my 54. I was fitted into (all SM7's) 46 deg F grind, 50 (bent to 51) F grind, 54 (bent to 55) F grind and a 60 S grind. so my gapping is 5, 4, 5. I think Bob would have done it slightly different but I insisted on keeping my lob wedge at 60 so he gapped back from there and that's the set up that was giving him (and me!) the numbers he wanted to see.
  3. Ed, the only way I think you can work this out is to have a fitting and get the gaps as you want them.

    I have recently moved from SM5 (46, 51, 56, 60) to SM7 (46, 50, 54, 60) and changed the gaping based purely on the numbers. I found I was hitting the SM7 further but it has taken me a little while to get used to the changes especially where I would have historically used my 56 for chipping in certain conditions.

    As with anything now use the technology to help get these gaps right.
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    That's a bit of a gap … but at this end of the bag I think it's all about carry yardages and the type of flight you prefer.

    If you know your carry yardages with these clubs for full and half shots (and those in between) and still have a gap then you need to consider your options..

    1.Fill the gap with another club (possibly replacing the 50 degree) You could get a Vokey or AP1 gap

    2. Adjust the lofts up on the PW and down on the 50 (then you'll have 5 degrees between pw, 50 and 54)

    Once you know all the carry distances you should be able to look to lay up to those so you can hit your preferred club.


  5. Hi Ed,

    As mentioned in a previous post, the best thing to do would be to have a gapping session with one of our Product Specialists at our free to attend Titleist Thursday events. They will get you on trackman hitting shots with a range of lofts and work with you to obtain a set composition you are happy with.

    You can see the upcoming events using the link....

    Hope this helps,

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  6. EMurray


    Thank you very much for all of the comments. I will look to get a gapping session organised as soon as possible!

    Much appreciated!

    Happy golfing!

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