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By NMortimer

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  1. Dear Titleist

    Once upon a time you made a pencil style lightweight semi rigid bag but with long legs. The width of the opening was similar to the current pencil bags and it carried a half set with ease. Are there any plans of bringing that out again possibly with a single or double strap feature ?

    I have one of the current pencil bags and would argue that neither of the current ones are great for the UK climate because of the wet ground etc, even with the stumpy legs the bottom of the bag gets soaked on occasion. I appreciate that it would be another bag in the range however I cannot help feeling it would be a good seller in the UK at least. I don't know what other TT members thoughts are on this one ? Nick

  2. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi Nick
    Can't says I've had issues with the soggy bottom and I tended to only use my pencil bag in the summer, but its a trade off with the lightness and limited space of a pencil bag against the more practical bigger and possibly heavier carry bag. I have swapped my pencil bag for the new stadry 4Up bag, just more practical in the UK weather, summer and winter, also the new version with the four way divider makes it easier to get the clubs in and out.
  3. Thanks for that David, good to know and i will have a look

  4. TT members

    I have had a look at the bag suggested by David above but it is a double strap and I really want a single. There is one on ebay USA but the price including postage is too much ! (

    Does anyone out there know of a pro shop in the UK that might still have the stand bag with single strap ? I think it was the 2015 model.
    Thanks in anticipation

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