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By AHarris

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  1. Why am I nervous? :)

    I have been playing (badly) for a few years but never got a handicap, this year I would like a County card, the only way to get one is with a registered CONGU handicap so this year I am going for it.

    Tonight I play with a member of my club off the whites for the first time, I know my playing partner well, he plays off 28.

    I know my handicap is well above that but still feel nervous today.

    Its mad isn't it :)

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Nerves are good they show how passionate you are about the game and your performance...tap into them. I'd suggest reading some of Dr Bob Rotella's books especially Golf is not a game of Perfect these will help. Also prepare for your rounds like getting gear ready night before and arriving at the course in plenty of time to warm up...

    Don't dwell on past performance and develop a good pre-shot routine. Before you address the ball take time to pick a target and take a practice swing to reinforce your swing thought, take a deep breath and while doing that focus on your breath. Then visualize your shot and how you will feel during the shot, then address the ball and make sure you line up the shot on your target. Then just focus on target and try and replicate that swing feeling... don't dwell too long on bad results but bank the good ones. Most of all enjoy the round...
  3. First round done in 103, sot of happy with that as I know I'm never going to e good at this game but enjoy the afternoons off :)
  4. Shoaib


    Well done AHarris - play golf to enjoy and the scores will automatically get better!
  5. Peter M

    Peter M

    Nerves were my biggest problem for a long time. They can be very destructive. Rotellas books, as suggested above, might help. It has taken me a long time to learn to focus on the process of the shot and not the outcome. Very much easier said than done!
  6. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Relax and just enjoy! Easy to say, but I used to be incredibly nervous to the extent that I’d shake on the 1st. But having seen others before me hit less than perfect tee shots made me realise that if I just learnt to focus and rely on what I could do in practice then I’d be ok. Bad shots are frustrating at any level, but we all hit them....

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