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By Paul C

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  1. Paul C

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    Does anyone know when the fittiong events calendar will be published for this year? Would like to get fitted for a driver by a proper Titleist fitter so I know what to order when I can convince the wife that it's a good idea and the home improvements can wait for a month :).



  2. david s
    South Wales

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    Hi Paul,
    I was fitted for a driver in April last year, it was one of the first Titleist Thursdays in my area, so I'm guessing it could be around same time thus year.
    Well worth waiting for as they use trackman and pro V1s and have multiple shafts and heads so you'll get a good experience and should come away with a sound fitting.
    Good luck convincing the wife that £400 for a driver is a good idea!
  3. Paul C

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    Cheers for the heads up David, I think I just won't tell her - Mind you if the irons, wedges and 3 wood are anything to go by it'll be well worth the battle :)
    April does give me enough time to talk her round though, and build up enough browinie points with all the work being done at home!!

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