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By Chris S

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    Hi, The TT web site suggests that you can trial a set of new irons. Does anyone know how you can arrange this?

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    Not heard of this before but if it's true I wouldn't mind a trial set!
  3. DClark

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    The golf club that I'm a member of has demo clubs that you can take out on course to try them first. I did this before I got my new set I found it very useful.
  4. Shoaib

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    Not sure about here in the UK but I know that the leading golf retailers in South Africa allow you to trial the clubs you buy for 30 days. If you're not happy, you can take them back in and swap for something different. They also include a full comprehensive fitting (half a day) at no extra cost!
  5. Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

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    Same here...I'd say check with your local pro.....I had a full demo set of AP2's out on trial prior to getting a fitting and purchasing mine the last time.
  6. david s
    South Wales

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    most of the Titleist selling Pro shops around here (Newport UK) have demo sets of AP1, AP2 irons, Drivers and fairways that you can borrow for a while, to take out on the course.

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