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By John S

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  1. Trip to N. Ireland/Scotland in April and don’t want to ship clubs unless there’s an overwhelming response to do so; bloody expensive! My plan is to pack clubs in a hard plastic case and to pack a Sunday bag in my suitcase as it folds down. I’m not good enough to need every club to be honest and can pack about 10 clubs.


  2. I brought my clubs on my trip to Ireland and London earlier this year, no probs.

    Usual travel set up: soft travel bag, stiff arm, full set, removed heads for driver and 3-wood, extra sweatshirts/dirty laundry around club heads, and put cheap putt cover on Scotty.

    Happy travels!
  3. Cheers Roger, I appreciate the input and believe I'll do just that as well.
  4. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    If you are renting a car and driving in Ireland, you might want to think twice about a hard plastic case. Those usually don't fit too well in the rental cars over there. I went to the British Isles every year for 10 years straight and I never encountered a problem with clubs.
    On the flip side, my driver was long and the head did not come off.

    I like your idea of 10 clubs.

    Have a great time!
    Best time of my life was spent playing the courses in N. Ireland and Ireland.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I've not a problem with having the airline ship my bag as checked luggage. I've taken them with me well over a dozen times domestically and twice to Ireland/GB. I've used both a bag boy and most recently the Titileist Club Glove with the pole insert. We did cart the clubs all over Ireland in a station wagon. For GB, we set up our travel route from London to St. Andrews, played on the way up. Then sent the clubs home via Ship Sticks. The sedan was smaller and the clubs were hard to pack and we traveled my wife's plan on the way back to London. Otherwise I would have kept them with me. On 2 other business trips, the 2 clubs I played also rented Titleist, so that worked out as well.
  6. Thanks y'all. We are on some sort of mini-bus (maybe not so mini) as we are planning for 12 players going on the trip. We've 6 now if anyone wants to meet us there! ;)

    I've all but decided on taking them on the plane; from what I've read, the days of wholesale redirection of clubs isn't as much an issue anymore.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    When we went to Ireland, took mine in a lightweight Titleist carry bag. Full compliment and they flew with me in a "hardshell case" that I always use when flying. Met weight and dimensions to qualify as piece of luggage. Two pair of shoes, 100% waterproof rainsuit. Golf balls can add weight. Might pack those in regular luggage or carry a couple of dozen with you on the plane. You will loose balls in that high grass.
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  8. Under the Roof

    Under the Roof
    Mequon, WI

    Made 6 trips over there in 15 yrs, and never had an issue.

    Soft bag, like a Club Glove or FJ version; however you need a “stiff arm” or broomstick to provide stability for dr &3-wood shafts.
    The problem with these large hard plastic cases, is what to do with them once you’re over there. (They are a real pain, and they take up so much room in the van.)

    2 pairs of shoes w/ cedar trees to suck the water out.
    Wear your Rain pants as your regular pants. Make sure the banks have belt loops. Galway bay makes the best product as they are cut like pants not baggy rain pants.
    Long sleeve silk, golf shirt and vest to keep the wind off and core warm. Rain jacket in the bag , a couple of hats and you’re set.

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