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By Jonathan P

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  1. Hello, My wife and I are planning our honeymoon to Austin Texas at the beginning of the year. We are both avid golfers and are looking to play a round if possible. So, what is the best golf course for the money in or around Austin?

  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Check out Falconhead Golf Club.
    Falconhead was my home course when we lived there...great track!!!
    Be sure to hit up Pieous and Jester King Brewery....PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!

    Dr. K
  3. I'm 90% sure you'd have to be a guest at the resort in order to play on the courses, but if you can get on at any of the Barton Springs courses (especially Fazio Canyons or Fazio Foothills) I highly recommend doing so. I played them all in late spring this year and they were in great shape, as expected, and tons of fun to play.

    Wolfdancer Golf Course is another one I like to play -- it's also a resort course, but it's available to the public. It's actually about 20 miles outside of Austin, but worth fighting the traffic to get to.

    However, the absolute BEST, most "Austin-y" courses are Peter Pan Mini Golf ( and Butler Park Pitch-N-Putt ( Both have been around longer than your grandparents, and they're perfect if you can't fit in a full 18 but still want to swing the clubs.
  4. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    If you want to drive maybe 1 1/2 hr tops you can play in San Antonio like the TPC and La Cantera courses.

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