TT Sydney Australia Play Dates during Feb 18-22, 2019

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By Chris92009

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  1. G'day,

    For those of you headed or that live down under in Sydney Australia, we are going to have some small groups over 4-5 days playing around the Sydney Australia area courses such as The Lakes (host of 2018 Australian Open), New South Wales GC (the pebble beach of Australia), to name a couple for the week of Feb 18th 2019. If you have an interest in joining in the fun please message me and I will give you details.

    We already have a number of people from our Scotty Cameron Group set up, hope to see Team Titleist members as well!

    Cheers, Chris

  2. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Only expect the best from Chris! Have such a wonderful time and thanks for spreading the Team Titleist camaraderie across the globe.

    Team Titleist Staff
  3. I hope we can get lots of participation from our friends "down under"!

    Also, if anyone from the states is/will be around Sydney at that time (remember it is summer there now) let me know!

    Thanks, Chris

  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Went there this spring and had two great fun packed weeks all along the coast, but just no time for golf. Chris, had some correspondence with Murray (Crocman) in Melbourne and he said that is the place to come. Being you are going to be down under might consider flying on down to Melbourne. You guys have fun. No worries, I'm sure.
  5. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Try to get to the Australian Club, it is a great track!
  6. If you have an interest in joining the group on Wednesday or Thursday let me know...I realize it is a long distance however we already have groups set up for both days...

    The Australian Club and NSW it appears we may play back to back on Friday! Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. Peter H

    Peter H
    Spring Farm, NSW

    enjoy your time, the weather is nice and warm down here at the moment.

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