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By Paul M

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  1. Pretty strange/specific request here. I know there are a lot of great golf courses in the Phoenix area, but my brother (who lives there) isn’t the greatest golfer. I’d still like to play a round while visiting him in a few weeks. Anybody have a line on a course that won’t absolutely kill my brother but will still be a nice course for me to play in that area? I don’t want him to have to drop a bunch of coin on something super nice just to appease me, but I also don’t want to play a dump...Thanks in advance!

  2. tyler g

    tyler g
    Chandler, AZ

    There are a lot of good courses on the west side of Phoenix. I have heard good things about the newly remodeled Grand Canyon University course (formerly, a City of Phoenix course called Maryvale), Bougainvilla (sp?) was a reasonably priced option that wasn't too difficult but also not all that memorable for the avid player, and Aguila are a few that come to mind.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I think he ended up making a tee time at a place called Biltmore in Chandler...
  4. tyler g

    tyler g
    Chandler, AZ

    Glad to hear you found something. FYI - Biltmore is in Phoenix. Fun course and I believe they have 2 18's. Chandler is a little farther east and there are a few courses. Nothing that I would consider must plays though.
  5. If you take a short 15 west of the westgate area there is a great 18 holer by Luke Air Force Base called Falcon golf club reasonably priced and in good shape, it’s ideal for your brother and you prices are quite reasonable as a added bonus you can watch fighter jets taking off and landing pretty cool.

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