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By JRDotel

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    Hey Team!

    So, I'm graduating in May (Art Education), and tomorrow I will be going to a career fair in Nashvegas, lol. I live 1.5 hrs east of Nashville (Cookeville), and just want to explore my prospects. And just like any other avid, Titleist-addicted golfer, I've been checking the Nash-area for potential golf opportunities....and, wow! Nashville is dope!

    My questions: Any Nashville golfers that can recommend a course for me to play? Next Thursday I'm returning for a Titleist Thursday session at the Hermitage Golf club, and might play the Governor's, but I want to know where I should play tomorrow. It's short notice, but I might just GolfNow if anything.

    Thanks Team! Julio

  2. Michael M
    London, OH

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    Not from the area but researched Nashville for a bachelor party. Hermitage has 2 tracks, President's Reserve and General's Retreat which are both quality and if you like a links resort course feel check out Gaylord Springs. I'll be down to play all three the first weekend in May!
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    Michael M nailed it. Both Hermitage layouts are great. General's course is almost links style while President's is more tournament style and long. I played Gaylord Springs last year and was impressed with the green speeds. Hitting fairways out there makes things a lot easier.
    If your playing Governers let me know how it is, my Rolodex isn't that deep.

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