2019 R & A rule changes

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By El bandito

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  1. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Been chatting to my local pro and we have came up with the idear of having an open night in the clubhouse a week or two before the new season starts to discuss with all playing members the new R & A rule changes for this year and go over some other old rules as well.

    Me personally I think this is a fantastic, everyday is a school day as they say.

    Is anybody else’s golf club thinking about doing something like this??


  2. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Great idea. The new R&A video of the rules explain them so much better than our USGA cartoon pictures.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My local club is not private, but the pro has been issuing newsletters focusing on one or two changes at a time. As an amateur, the new one that allows a 2 stroke penalty to take an unplayable from a bunker intrigues me. Two stokes to get out of a deep bunker is not uncommon and controlling the flight on getting out is not a strength for me. Pete Dye likes to remind me golf is not fair, why should the course?
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Great idea. I play in a league three days a week at our local muni and our pros put together a seminar two weeks prior to the new rules going into effect. Emails were mailed out to all members of the handicap club as well as all pass holders. Signs were posted on both entrances. I think it is great that our pros are taking active roles in getting this information out to the public and their members. I picked up the new rule book while at the PGA merchandise show in Orlando from the USGA and it now resides in my golf bag. It has illustrations where there might be some confusion with some of the new rules. They have done a good job.
  5. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    My club has been doing this for a few years now. It's a great session and a good reason to get overyone together to kick off the new season.
  6. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    My club has already had two evenings to go through the rules with members if they wanted to.
    We have a qualified R&A Rules Official as a member, so he delivered it.

    I didn’t go though
  7. Sean M

    Sean M
    Kansas City, MO

    Our regional Golf Association held multiple seminars throughout the metropolitan area, I attended one as a representative of our men’s league. It was educational. We have also incorporated a recap of the major rules changes into our men’s league guide and plan to discuss them during our kickoff breakfast at the end of March.
  8. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    In November we had rules officials from PGA of America come to the club and hold a outdoor seminar. 3 holes were set up on our par 3 course to illustrate the various changes and everyone in attendance received a new rules book.
  9. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Rules we have rules?
  10. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Dave N said:

    Rules we have rules?


    Ya gave me my laugh of the day. Thanks!!
  11. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I think that's a fantastic idea.
  12. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    It’s a great idea. I’ve had remind a couple of people when they’ve gone to take a drop from shoulder height.
  13. My club held three information meetings (Lectures??) when the Rule changes came out, then did a mop-up session to allow any who missed the original meetings to catch up. They have now announced a further three meetings for the membership on the same basis. The club members website has a precis of all the new rules at the start of each section of the site. This can mean a few things: -
    * The person giving the information sessions needs time away from his wife
    * The club seeks to improve its revenue by holding informative sessions with the bar open
    * The club thinks members should know the rules of the game we play
    * The club suspects that some members didn't know the old rules
    * The club seeks to limit reputational damage, caused by its membership, with regards to correct application of the rules
  14. The Carolinas Golf Assn. does a great job in traveling around the Carolinas giving seminars. I attended one at Mid Pines in Pinehurst and am signed up for another next week in Kinston N.C.
  15. I think its definitely a good item to brush up on the rules of golf. I'm always learning new rules from playing with others.

    Not much of a book worm so having a meeting about would definitely help a lot of us.
  16. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    That is a great idea like the fact that they are being pro-active
  17. S. C.

    S. C.
    Tampa, FL

    We've been playing down here in Florida (sorry) for 1 1/2 months with the new rules. Some notes:
    1. Flagstick in is popular. I think it's an advantage in most putts. It's great to finally prove that flag in, does not keep your ball out. Guys who say, "The flagstick knocked your ball out!" are Schadenfreude special people.
    2. The new OB alternative, to drop with a 2-stroke penalty, is widely misunderstood. It's so penal, because in addition to 2 strokes, you're dropping in the rough, probably behind trees. You're much better off hitting your third shot from your last position, rather than going forward to where your ball left the course. Hopefully this will lead to more provisional balls, which is faster anyway, and not utilized enough.
    3. It's great to not worry about moving impediments in the hazards or anywhere else.
    4. I don't worry about my caddy lining me up, cuz I'm my own.
    5. Dropping from knee height is an advantage for us shorter hitters, especially those of us who can bomb it long.

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