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By Mark P

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  1. Mark P

    Mark P
    foxboro, MA

    The season is starting to wind down in the northeast. This year I am thinking of going to a location with a simulator for the winter. Any opinions about whether the simulator helps or hurts your swing. Are there types of simulators that are better than others?

  2. I would say helps.

    I've been getting lessons for a few months and my coach suggested that we play a round on trackman. We played St. Andrews old course. It took a bit of getting used to but a real benefit with course management but it would definitely help with other aspects of your game. It was just club selection with conditions I need help with.

    Give it a go, you've nothing to loose.
  3. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    the last few years me and my buddy play in a winter simulator league, it's fun. We usually win some pro shop credit and I end up putting it towards the Titleist loyalty golf ball deal in the spring time..

    I don't think it hurts. It keeps you swinging and loose through the off season. Maybe work on your swing, etc. BUT I wouldn't rely heavily on the numbers and statistics. Only reason I say that is there are certain clubs that I know on the course I just don't hit it that far. I would definitely hit the simulator range first to dial in your clubs to check distance on each club. AND definitely don't rely on the chipping, bunker shots and putting.. It can be a little ridiculous sometimes.. With the putting we sometimes put in 12feet gimmies just to move it along...

    There are a lot of simulators out there today so not sure which one is good or not. I will say this, I've been getting lessons the last few years and my instructor loves the trackman so I've been able to understand the numbers on the screen. It's good to know so I know what I did wrong or what i did right..

    Last but not least, I'm just not a fan of hitting off mats. I know it's better then nothing but you just never know if you hit the ball first or duff it.. You just have to rely on the outcome and make your own judgement..
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    All comes down to how you feel hitting off mats will affect your game. I've thought about setting up one in the garage (only room over 8 feet high to swing). Too many bad things can happen there if a sh__k misses the net.
  5. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    It's better than nothing. I don't think you can do yourself harm. It is though more like bowling than golf, when you hit your shot, step back and sit a bit while you take a swig of your beer, and maybe a nacho or wing while you wait until it's your turn again. So have at it.

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