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By Jeff Y.

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  1. Jeff Y.

    Jeff Y.
    Clarksville, TN

    Has anyone on the sight been able to buy the Titleist Logo on a badge to put on a wind breaker or polo. I have few winter pull overs I would like to put the badge on. Are there any site to buy gear with just "Titleist: on the shirt

    What your thoughts Team Titleist



    No, but I think it might be a licensing issue.
  3. Jeff Y.

    Jeff Y.
    Clarksville, TN

    Yes, I have heard that too. Ok just wanted to represent Team Titleist, but I guess that's understandable. Thanks
  4. They wouldn't allow their logo to be ironed on to whatever piece of clothing you choose. They have a brand to maintain.
  5. Jeff Y.

    Jeff Y.
    Clarksville, TN

    Yes, I hear that but I have seen places that sell just the Titleist logo, and I was able to sew it on to my shirts but it might have been a hook up from a Titleist Rep. Thanks for the info.
  6. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Talked to a Titleist rep here during the PGA Senior Club Pro Championship last week and we talked about Titleist logoed clothing and he said that It's pretty much a no go for the general public. Just staffers and employees.

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