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By nathan b

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  1. Not sure if there will be a response from anyone at custom shop but....

    I have designed and payed for a putter to go to the custom shop from the UK, I paid the $45 postage for FedEX economy.

    Followed the customer service steps on the custom shop website.

    Put the order number on the box and the address and send via FedEx.

    When I got to my FedEx depot they wouldn't accept the parcel as there is no label or account number.

    The other strange thing is when I log into Custom Shop there is nothing in my order history, even though money has been taken and paid for the service.

    It does not seem like a smooth service from something that is a premium product and brand.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have emailed custom shop and acushnet but nothing back.

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