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By Mike M

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  1. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    As the proud owner of 4 Cameron putters (actually my first Scotty, a 1997 Santa Fe Teryllium 2 is in my sons bag) I'm luckier than most.I have 2 prototypes, a Studio Stainless center shaft Newport 2 and a black Sergio Del Mar J.A.T. I've got a GoLo 5 in the bag now.I was fortunate in that I worked at a private club as a starter for a number of years and was able to attain 2 of those putters for the same cost as the professional staff paid, and for that I'm forever grateful. The other 2 were gifted to me, to for which I'm even more grateful.Can't think of putting with anything else other than a Scotty. That said I'd love to get another one, but the pricing is getting out of reach, at least for me. I'm sure I'm not alone. The new Teryliums are around $600 and most of his other lines are over $400. The new Special Series, just introduced, are beautiful, but I'm sure that price point is way up there. Just wondering if Scotty thought about introducing a line of putters that are a little less expensive, thus affording those with less discretionary income a chance to own one.

    Love to hear what my fellow TT members think.


  2. Interesting points and congrats on your evolving collection!

    Unfortunately I do not think Scotty will ever produce a "low" end line of putters that cost less...actually I see the trend going higher....

    His designs, quality production and other high end items that he puts into his putters will most likely keep costs higher especially with the newer line of concept putters and the always favorite limited editions.

    Cheers, Chris
  3. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I don't think he'll have a "low end" either Chris. I guess I was hoping someone from Titleist or from Cameron would read this thread and possibly start a discussion on the possibility of creating a putter just a little less expensive, even if it was only 1 model with no custom options.

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