How Often are there Club Cameron releases?

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By Spencer

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  1. Spencer

    Los Angeles

    Hello, new Club Cameron member here. I wanted to get a t-shirt in the Club Cameron release today, but I guess I was below the min order amount because I was unable to buy just one t-shirt, oh well.

    I wanted to know how often they have special releases on the studio store site for Club Cameron members, and is there always a $50min order? ($36 t-shirt and shipping apparently wasn't enough so I missed out).

    Thanks guys,

  2. They are released monthly typically on Tuesday morning. There is not a minimum but you will pay heavily for shipping costs for lower dollar beware.

  3. Spencer

    Los Angeles

    Yeah, seems odd. I put a $36 shirt in my cart, and I could not check out. But then I added $8.95 putter care cloth, and magically I was allowed to check out. Weird.........
  4. Corey

    Dalton, MA

    There should be no minimum purchase but the shipping can get expensive as already stated. Be sure to shop the new items right away as they sell out quickly. If you can't do so then you are sure to find plenty on a certain auction site. Many people simply try to make profit instead of buying these items to enjoy for themselves which is disappointing.
  5. When will the registration open to become a Club Cameron member for 2022

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