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By BHanner

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  1. Just arrived today, picked it up for $132. Very happy can’t wait to to game it on my Scotty.

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  2. BCH


    Very nice

    Should look good in the bag. Ni e putter!
  3. Nice cover. I just picked up the blue and grey Jackpot Jonny. Love the Scotty covers they are great.
  4. Captain Hook

    Captain Hook
    Winder, GA

    Very nice
  5. Fine looking putter and a jolly nice head cover....

  6. That is very cool as is the putter. Enjoy it and I hope it serves you well
  7. Great looking putter and a fantastic Headcover!!
  8. Chris B

    Chris B
    cypress, TX

    Good looking putter and head cover.
  9. Ruben C

    Ruben C
    Brownsville, TX

    Thumbs up on the cover
  10. Scotty is the master of design and style.
  11. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Two Thumbs Up!

  12. Looks great!
  13. Amazing head cover for an even better putter .
  14. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Still waiting to put my first Scotty in my bag. Love the look of yours. Best of luck with it!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.

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