Best Way to Restore a Studio Stainless Newport 2

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By hubert109

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  1. hubert109

    Los Angeles, CA

    I recently acquired a used Studio Stainless Newport 2 for a great price. As the title says, what are some best DIY practices to give it a new lease of life? The face is in pretty good shape (also don't want to mess with the milling), but there are several noticeable nicks along the topline and sole. I plan on using a hand file, various grades of sandpaper, and polishing with a non abrasive metal polish like Blue Magic. I've had some experience restoring a classic png Anser 2 before (my current gamer), but this one requires a bit more work. I'm not considering the Scotty Custom Shop just yet since it feels more satisfying fixing it up myself, similar to a classic Mustang. Any and all advice appreciated, thanks in advance!

  2. Hubert, I am sure that you are great in the shop....but being a customer of the SC Custom Shop, I strongly recommend that you reconsider doing the work yourself. The finished product that they send back is unparalleled in its appearance and spec tolerances. You might not even want to put it back into play! That said, I certainly appreciate folks with DIY skills.... I'd say, go get that Mustang to work on and let Scotty restore that flat stick for you. All the best!

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