Club cutting and swing weight

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By SCuccia

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  1. SCuccia

    Westchester, NY

    I recently purchased the SC Select Squareback and absolutely love the club. Great feel, truly the Cadillac of putters. With that being said, after being improperly fitted for my SC putter at golf galaxy and having already paid for customized weights at 15g apiece, I’m reluctant to spend another $200 just to have the putter cut down to the size my fitter should’ve recommended (very little detail went into the fact, I paid him to tell me “it’s just about feel“ and he never once noticed I was choking up to adjust my sight line) and then buy the same customized weights in 20g. I’ve seen several forums speaking about adding weight to the head of a putter (2g=1sw) to offset the swing weight change for every 1/2 inch cut off (1/2in=3sw). However, I’ve recently read that every 4 grams deducted from grip weight will add one swingweight point. So, in theory, it seems as though deducting weight from the grip would have the same effect as adding weight to the club head (-1in=-6sw, -26g grip=+6.5sw, total diff=+.5sw). Obviously, the total weight of the club would be lighter, but I wasn’t sure if the total weight was as important as swingweight on a putter, seeing as it’s rocked like a pendulum and not actually whipped around your body. Thoughts?

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Basically, if you want to keep the swingweight the same and you reinstall the same model of grip then for every inch you go up or down take away or add 5 grams. As you go down in length add weight and as you go up in length delete 5 grams for every inch. Hope this helps!

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