Futura 1/2” length Weighting

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By Chris H

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  1. Hello all. I’m getting ready to purchase a Futura 5.5M. I see the website has custom 1/2 inch sizes available. I’m considering going with 34 1/2 inches. (Not sure if there is an upcharge for this) I’m wondering what weighting would be recommend by Scotty? Would it be the 2x 15g that comes in the 34 inch? Or will they be asking my preference when I place the order? I will be talking to the rep I will be ordering from this week, but just wondering what everyone here might think. Has anyone else ordered 1/2 inch length increments? Or am I just being picky. Thanks for your input.

  2. Bill  V

    Bill V
    Colorado Springs, CO

    I think it's personal preference. If you go 34.5" with the 15 gram weights you'll increase swing weight by about 3 points-very manageable.

    I have a custom Newport Tour Rat at 35.5" and went 5 gram weights. It's probably 7 years old, and it feels so light to me now. I'd stick with the 15 gram weights-most people prefer a slightly heavier putter these days

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