Cameron & Crown Futura 6M head weight?

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By GCorry

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  1. I’ve seen it reported that Cameron & Crown heads are 360 grams. Is this also true for the 6m? Or is it 380 because of the rear weights? Thanks in advance.

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Correct...all headweights are slightly different due to designs and lengths. The Cameron and Crowns are very short so the head weights are heavier than standard 35" putters which are normally around 330 grams.
  3. But is the exact weight known/made public for the C&C 6m? Is is 360? 380?
  4. For anyone who comes across this and is interested, Titleist customer support tells me the C&C 6m Head is just a hair over 370g with stock weights (20x2 on sole, 10x2 on rear)

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