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By TDial

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  1. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    I have heard good things about Western Birch bamboo tee’s. • Are there other premium brands for wooden tee’s? • Do you prefer wooden or plastic tee’s? And length of your tee choice? • Anyone know what brand, type the Tour players use? I know theirs have to be wooden, but what about brand, type, length?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Most but not all pros use wooden. There is no rule against it and a small few use plastic. My choices are based my own preference, never influenced by what a pro uses. When using wooden tees, I prefer the Titleist logo tees we get as giveaways from attending events. I have used Western Birch and performance is pretty much standard with any other wooden tee. The appeal is in the color options. When I use plastic I use Pride brand 3 1/4" tees or Zero Friction tees. Everyone has their own favorites and that's great. Just like club and ball choices, what is important is what you like and what works best for you.
  3. Tees are one of those items I love to collect from cool courses. I only play wooden and really appreciate the unique designs from my favorite courses. You will find Pinehurst, American Dunes, and some AZ courses always in my bag. Have so many, lol.
  4. Terry E

    Terry E
    Clinton Township, MI

    I use to play with plastic tees but as Dale V said it came down to preference. I play the Western Birch.
  5. Dino S

    Dino S

    I like using the 3 1/4" wooden tees. I find most courses have 2 3/4" tees. It is very much personal preference.
  6. Cris M

    Cris M
    Tyrone, GA

    I just prefer the wooden ones. I have received bags of the plastic ones as "swag" at various scrambles but usually give them away. I had been buying the "Professional Tee System" yellow but I joined a new club and they put tees out on the range and in all the carts so not sure I will have to buy again unless traveling.
  7. Military
    I also play western birch Red White and Blue Tees. I feel they generally last longer than other wood tees.
  8. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    I used to only play plastic tees because they didn't break as much. Then I read on some forum somewhere, might have been here, that plastic tees weren't good for the mowers. Don't know how true that is but figured if it is true then I'll start buying wooden tees. I just buy them at Academy, Dick's, etc.... Could try Western Birch or whatever but figure a tee is a tee. I am getting a pretty good collection of Titleist and course tees from the events I get to go to. I know I'm probably wrong but unless it's going to straighten out my slice or add ten yards then it really doesn't matter. Just my two cents. As for height, I carry 2 3/4" ones for my driver and some 2" for par threes and less than driver. Don't want to waste the longer ones on the par threes because they get broken probably 75% of the time
  9. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    I have confirmed with greens keepers at our course that plastics do mess up their mowers. This is more true on their green and other short grass area mowers (tee boxes, driving range tee area, practice chipping area, etc.
    However the golf pro says the cost savings is worth the mowers gripe lol

    I read/heard somewhere though that (and again this is at the pros level not mine) that wooden tees can have a performance difference (+) over plastic tees (-). That’s what I’m trying to find out, not for my performance but curiosity
  10. R Rivas E

    R Rivas E
    Garden City, KS

    I play Tour Tee Plus, they last forever and help me to always tee the ball at the same height!
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Professional Tee System (PTS) Pride Performance Plastic Tees.
  12. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC


    Chuck Z said:

    Professional Tee System (PTS) Pride Performance Plastic Tees.

    Have not bought tees in eons. There are always plenty on the range. Most never bend over to pick up their tees.
    More for me. Always a nice selection on Monday morning. The mowers chop up the plastic and wooden equally. On a cold day the plastic will snap. The ball seems to have nice zip/release off the prongs on the PTS tees.
  13. Used to play plastic tees but recently switched back to wood. Just a better feel in my opinion.
  14. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I will use whatever comes out of my bag. No preference on material, but really don't like the bigger profile ones. I like them skinny and small.
    I don't care what people use, but I sure wish they would pick them up after using them. Bugs me to see tees, both broken or not, laying all over the tee box. Were you born in a barn???
  15. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Even worse, when they leave them still (unbroken) teed in the ground sticking up
  16. DK

    Doylestown, PA

    Plastic zero friction tees here. Usually get at least 4-5 rounds with a single tee (unless I lose it)
  17. MRoseski

    Palm Harbor, FL

    Basic wooden tees natural color. I don't like the tee marks on the sole of my woods.
  18. Jon T

    Jon T
    Iowa City / Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    I picked up some 3 1/4" plastic tees on Amazon a few years ago just for the patriotic print and ended up loving them. I normally push the tee down to the second stripe, sometimes leave it at the first if I'm trying to get after it. I will admit they are a pain to push in when the tee boxes are dry, and I've bent a few in the process. I also accidentally bought 300 of them last year so I'll have them for a while.

  19. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Jon, a hack I learned at Bandon on frozen ground tee boxes, use your divot tool to start the hole and then add the tee. Works out here in the hot, dry summers of Phoenix too.
  20. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    This is a great hack! Definitely using it and sharing with others!! Live made more simple, love it
  21. Curtis N

    Curtis N

    I used to play plastic tees all the time. Once I got my TSR2 driver I switched to wooden ones because I didn't want to scratch the face of the driver. My old one had scratch marks from playing plastic tees. I use the Scotty Cameron tees, I do not know what they are made from but they last longer then any other wooden tee I have tried.
  22. CTVTGooner

    Essex, CT

    Have always preferred natural wood or bamboo tees, seem to reduce friction for me.
  23. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    There have been a couple of articles in the last year that the best tee to use is the one you put into the ground. Any difference in distance is more marketing than fact. Still, whether it is plastic, wood, bamboo, or brush, whichever gives you confidence, that works for you. Since a bag of 100 runs about 2 or so Pro-V’s, I don’t bother with plastic as their fragments live forever once they do break. Actually, I only buy short ones for hard dried out tees when not using driver. I get plenty of 2-3/4 tees offered at various events.
  24. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    PGA Golf Club gives us tees, I don't know the brand, but they 2 3/4 inch light beige color and they wear pretty well.
  25. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Always beena wood tee guy and currently plat the Red White and Blue (NY Rangers fan) Western Birch tees. I like wooden tees, because I like the option to break them in half for iron shot off the box.
  26. JYoung


    I use whatever tee I pull out of the bag. Sometimes I just use the ones left on the tee. I can't tell the difference between wood/plastic and honestly don't believe others that say they can. The plastic ones definitely last longer but if you break one just pick it up and put in the trash.
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