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By Barry B

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  1. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    What a great win for Justin Thomas at the 2017 PGA Championship! He was certainly on his game Sunday as he navigated his way around Quail Hollow.

  2. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    He has been knocking on the door and almost broke through at the US Open. I expect big things...
  3. nbk8p18
    winchester, CA

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    Great win for Titleist. Surely it isn't the arrows that ultimately wins a tournament, but hey, if you're fitted with the right equipment, I believe it has some benefits. Congratulations to J.T. and J.S., back to back Team Titleist wins.
  4. Joe D
    Minooka, IL

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    Super sweet win for Justin definitely played a solid game of golf was alot of fun to watch.
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    The next 10 years could be the greatest era in golfing history.

    The depth of talent is unlike any other era.
  6. Stu M
    Keswick, ON

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    It was a well played and well deserved win. I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.
  7. Travis W
    Jacksonville, FL

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    I'm a big fan of JT. He has a great swing, great demeanor, and great attitude. As long as he keeps his head down and continues to grind, he will win many more.
  8. richard f

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    Well done Justin Thomas !!

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