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    I am heading to the Zurich Classic tomorrow! Super exciting since this is my first time attending a PGA event. The players in the field this year are some of the best in New Orleans in years! Will be following Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth! Anyone have any advice or anything to make sure I do while attending?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's exciting! I remember going to my first PGA event at TPC Boston a few years back. Being a Lefty, I've always be been a fan of Phil. He went shot for shot against Tiger in the final round of the FedEx Cup playoff. Simply incredible stuff. To watch them pull off one amazing shot after another is something I will never forget. Plus, to have Phil win the event, was more than I could have hoped for. (He gave my daughter his ball as he walked off the 8th green.)

    There are many ways to watch an event. I like to start at the 18th green and walk towards the 1st hole. You get to see a lot of the pros in action. (Of course, that depends on the tee times of any specific group you would like to follow.) It also gives you the ability to stop and follow a group for a hole or two, before continuing onward. By doing that, you will get to see several "favorite spots" you may like to really see your favorite players up close. Expect crowds to be VERY large around the big name players. Bring a small pair of binoculars, too. Just some ideas, hope it helps. Most importantly: Have fun!
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    Nice have fun! I like to walk the course first, with a specific group I follow. Though occasionally parking it in a specific shot could do the job. Me personally I always make sure I check out the range and putting green to get some tips and just watch in awe. Have fun!
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    Great advice from Mark on one way to watch a tourney. Another strategy is to get a nice shaded bleacher spot by a green and watch each group come thru.
    No matter what, have fun and hopefully your weather is great tomorrow.
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    Watching those guys warm up on the range was an eye opener for me the first time I saw a PGA event. I like following a group that goes out early for a few holes and then finding a par 3 and sitting there the rest of the time. Have fun and expect super large crowds around all the big name players.

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