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By Patrick M

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  1. Hey All,

    I know the season is starting to wind down, however, I moved to MA and I am struggling to find a good instructor up here that I can get lessons from. Does anyone have any recommendations? Some places I have found are really overpriced. I went to one and all he had me do is hit into a net for two lessons, didn't film, didn't really adjust or guide me in anyway. I want something or someone that helps my whole game, and that I can keep coming back to. Open to any ideas you all might have.


  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Have you looked into virtual or online lessons? I have been taking them from John Dochety and he has changed my game and it really works. He does his over zoom and films my swing like I was standing right next to him.
  3. SJW PM

    SJW PM

    I'm not up in MA but I suggest checking out local courses (public and private). The pros at the course seem to provide the best lessons. Even if you are not a member at a private club they may still offer lessons to you.
  4. That’s one thing I was wondering, the private courses around here are obviously a lot better, mostly all restored Donald Ross, is it hard to get lessons if your not a member in general?
  5. Skip Guss at Golfrite in Southborough ( Met him at a Titleist Learning Experience two weeks ago. He is one of only 18 authorized Titleist instructors and made everything seem much simpler especially chipping and putting. Ask him about "don't spill the drink". Best golf money I have ever spent.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I play golf with a PGA professional teaching pro. I use him on occasions to tweak my game when I go south. Most all golf courses have instructors. Agree with SJW PM. Check out the Class A Teaching Professionals at your local courses. Remember there are a lot of Assistants at the courses that are not Class A professionals and may not be good instructors. PGA Master Teaching Professional recommended if you can find one. We have on at the course where I play and he is the best.
  7. Skip Guss is an outstanding instructor of the game !
  8. Deno

    New Jersey


    Silver Fox said:

    Skip Guss is an outstanding instructor of the game !

    Yes, Skip is top notch.

  9. Deno

    New Jersey


    Go on your local PGA website and find a PGA Pro near you. In person, with the right Pro, will get your game started in the right direction. There are alot of good PGA Assistant Pros out there with the ability to connect with students at all levels. There are also PGA Pros who just can't connect with players no matter what certificate is hanging on the wall.. You have to pick one that suits your need.

    Good Luck


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