How to get my.Daughter to stay interested in golf?!

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By KGault

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  1. My wife and I just adopted sisters aged 4 and 9 about 2 years ago. The younger is very eager to try new activities, but the older is a little hesitant when it comes to instruction. We would love some tips others have with keeping their kids interested in golf. My daughter loves to go play and go to the range. We have tried lessons as she wants to improve, however she is very hesitant and gets upset easily when it comes to getting swing critique. Just looking to see what some others did to keep their kids involved in the sport. Thanks for any helpful tips!

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Honestly, I would never push a child into a sport. Let them make the decision. Golf or any sport should be about fun and if she is not interested, she will resent it and push away. Find out what she is interested in and support her in that. Their is a guidance counselor in our household. They are still adjusting to their new family and environment, also. There are a lot of sports out there for young girls. Also, is the instructor a male or a female?
    Did you ask her if there is a problem with the instructor? Lot of things going on. With respect.
  3. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Keep it fun - keep it short! We do a family 9 holes on Fri nights after school followed by Nachos and or milkshakes. Have them play from 50 or 100 yards out backing it up over the years or as their game improves.

    Also - find a friend. Sisters will golf together but this does not compare to having a group of friends out at the range.

    Our girls are about the same ages split and when they started we arranged for a "Girls Club" essentially 4-5 friends out once a week with our golf pro for fun lessons. Two are still playing.

    For the youngest try "Golf Bingo"! My wife made up a Bingo card with things like sink a putt in 2 putts, or spotted a squirrel, or found a lost golf ball etc. Whatever you can do to keep it light and fun. Leave critiquing the swing to the lessons! As my wife says "I don't listen to you at home, why would I listen to you on the golf course!"
  4. JDobkin

    Los Angeles

    I don’t know if there is a definitive answer. My oldest daughter has so much talent for the game but keeping her engaged is hard. We had her in an all girls golf group with a coach and that was making it fun for her but the pandemic shut that down. She’s moved onto gymnastics now and as much as I want to push her into golf because she has a natural skill for it, it will probably backfire. So I’ll give her the space and bring her along to the course with me and let her drive the cart. She gets a kick out of that. She’s just turning 9 btw. I just think it’s the age. Everything is a struggle.
  5. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    interesting question, I dont have any kids, so id like to see how everyone answers this. I think there has to be a way for you to make it fun every time out, short bursts of fun. Don't make her grind at the range for hours or ride in the cart for your round of 18. Take her out for a few short holes and give her some ice cream! Hopefully as she gets a little older she will relate golf to fun!
  6. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    There are many answers to this dilemma. Has she taken lessons? Maybe your daughter would feel more comfortable with a female instructor as opposed to a male instructor. Just a suggestion. If they continue with golf it will be a lot of well shared memories later on in life. Best of luck
  7. Rick F

    Rick F
    Dedham, MA

    You can't force a kid to like or try something otherwise they end up resenting the activity altogether. All you can do is make it available to them and if they show interest then encourage them. Maybe if they have a friend show interest in golf, that will renew their interest in the sport. Or if she sees her sister doing really well and having fun that could also change her mind.

    Whatever you do, don't push it!
  8. Team Titleist Staff
    I think the key to getting kids, and especially girls, interested in the game is to learn and experience it with a friend and other kids their ages.

    Maybe there is a girls golf chapter in your area so she can meet some more girls her age that are playing? These clinics include instruction, but in a fun way to get girls engaged with the sport:

    Operation 36 is also a great program for kids of all skill levels:

    I actually just commented this on a recent post, but the golden ticket for my Dad to get me excited about golf was a new golf outfit. :)

    Hope this helps!

  9. Great advice, thanks everyone! We started on a local par 3 9 hole course and she had an amazing time and did really well. Past few days she has asked for me to take her to our range.

    Appreciate everyone's input and suggestions.

    Thanks everyone!!
  10. Charles H

    Charles H
    Reno, NV

    Being a professional Coach in multiple sports for over 30 yrs. Two words "Step Back"! Kids get pulled into sports because it's fun and they are making friends. That's it. At the start it should be engagement. More than once I have had to remind a volunteer when working with 5/6yr olds that "It's not the PGA tour". After that when they tell you "They like it and want to do it" That's when you take the next step. Kids do better in group activities.

    PS: If your thinking about teaching your kids, don't. A good program run under the direction of qualified professionals is best. Proper coaching/instruction will build fundamentals and be fun at the same time. One of the biggest problems for those of us who do this for a living is having to "fix" lack of base fundamentals after the fact. Don't be afraid to ask if the program and coaches are SafeSport certified. If you get a blank stare or "That's not required" answer when you ask about SafeSport, go somewhere else.

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